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The T.O. Non-Story

December 21, 2007

Come on. I just saw a report on CNN noting that Terrell Owens actually apologized yesterday for suggesting that Jessica Simpson’s presence at the Cowboys-Eagles game may have distracted QB Tony Romo. A couple points. 1) Did the people demanding an apology — or that he say anything at all — listen to the audio from the radio show on which he made his remarks? I’m the last person ever to be a T.O. defender but the guy was clearly joking. And it was very funny. 2) There are, apparently, some people who really think she was a distraction. That might be worth considering if she hadn’t also been at a couple games earlier this year when Romo played well.

It’s hard to believe things like this make news.

ESPN QB Rankings: Favre is #3?

December 13, 2007

Here is an interesting ranking from ESPN of the top 64 quarterbacks in the NFL today. I’m not a huge fan of rankings — it’s a magazine gimmick to attract eyeballs by provoking debate. And I usually disagree with the analysis, which is the point, of course. But I think ESPN gets this just about right. Tom Brady is #1, that’s undeniable. Peyton Manning is #2, Favre is #3, Tony Romo is #4, and Ben Roeth… is #5.

I think a good argument could be made that Favre is better than Manning right now. Favre has a passer rating of 98.7, Manning has a 97; Favre has a TD to interception ratio of 24/11, Manning is 27/13; Favre has thrown for 3,678 yards (despite most of the Cowboys game) and Manning has thrown for 3,358. And on it goes. Apparently the judges gave bonus points for arm-flailing before the snap and whining after incompletions, so Manning got the nod. (All that said, both Romo and Roeth… have better passer ratings than Favre.)

Manning is good, sure. But anytime I have a choice between the two, I’ll take Favre.

Romo, Favre and…Anthony Bourdain?

November 30, 2007

Let’s give Tony Romo credit. No, not for posting 300 yards and 4 touchdowns on a battered and confused Packer secondary. But for being hilarious.

After the game he was asked by a reporter what he and Favre did in their on-field meeting before the game. “Exchanging recipes and stuff,” said Romo. “Normal guy stuff.”