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Mike Sherman causing issues in Miami

October 31, 2013

Mike Sherman always seemed like a really nice person. And my guess is that he still is. Just a good overall human being. But I never liked his playcalling. He just didn’t have a good sense for game flow and made some positively bewildering play calls at crucial moments. And it wasn’t just that the playcalls were bad/perplexing – but of course, the real problem was that they often just didn’t work. Well, fast forward a few years to the present day and doubts are surfacing in Miami about Sherman’s playcalling as the Dolphin’s offensive coordinator. Fans and players alike have offered up some criticism. Even one “high level executive” in the organization apparently said that he doesn’t think Sherman knows some of the very basic fundamentals of offense. Again, as much as I don’t like to kick a good guy when he’s already down, the fact is this is not surprising. Mike Sherman may have done an OK job in his history as an offensive line coach – and to his credit he did help to develop a decent running game with Ahman Green in Green Bay – but I never thought his pulse for the game as a head coach was quite right. After all, he was one of the original “deer-in-the-headlights” coaches who would often stand dumbfounded on the sidelines when things were going wrong (to be followed by Lovie Smith, Wade Phillips, etc).

But forever one of the most annoying things to me about Sherman back in the day was all of the talk about how much time he spent in the office or at the facilities “working hard”. I’m all for hard workers, but I am all against inefficient workers. If he spent 18-20 hours a day in the office as the stories indicated, why did he call the same 3rd down draw play EVERY SINGLE TIME! You’d think something a bit more creative would have surfaced after all that time thinking about it.

Anyway – we all could have forewarned Miami of this issue before they hired the guy. But I’ll be interested to see if Philbin exerts some of his authority here and directs some more of the playcalling going forward. While McCarthy and Rodgers did most of that while Philbin was the “Offensive Coordinator” in Green Bay, he has to have a better sense for playcalling than Sherman…because everybody does.

Tony Gonzalez to Packers?

October 29, 2013

Packergeeks starting another trade rumor. I haven’t heard this one yet – though if someone else has already put this out there I wouldn’t be surprised because it makes sense.

  • Apparently, despite Packergeeks dire preseason outlook, the Packers appear to be headed for a deep playoff run if they continue to play like they are playing.
  • And Tony Gonzalez really wants to win a Super Bowl more than anything.
  • Though I don’t know all of the details, the Packers do have some cap space (and probably a number of picks to trade…)
  • Gonzalez is still playing like an elite TE. While he’s had a few off games this year in good part because of constant double teams (with Julio Jones and Roddy White out or less than 100%, teams have been doubling up Gonzalez) – he’s also had a few monster games and remains a major threat whenever he’s on the field. He knows what he’s doing out there and is a master at finding the open spot in a zone.
  • I think Gonzalez would jump at the chance to play with Rodgers – and Rodgers would be really excited to have a guy who could likely step in fast and make a difference.
  • Finley isn’t coming back this year.
  • Watching Quarless – I just don’t have the feeling that he can be the guy to step in for Finley. The loss of Finley hurts this offense and unless Bostik or Stonebrunner show something fast, I think we’ll continue to feel this loss because Quarless won’t be the guy.
  • While TT no doubt has concerns that ANYONE new to the team could affect the team negatively (which explains why 50 of the 53 players on the roster have ONLY played for the Packers) – the fact is, by all accounts, Gonzalez is a great locker room guy and he could add a welcome veteran presence among a group of mostly youngsters. (Though I could see TT being reluctant to do this because he wouldn’t want the story to become about Gonzalez’ quest for that elusive Super Bowl ring…)

Make an offer for the guy Ted.

Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings

October 27, 2013
  • Satisfying win. The much better team won easily – and that is what should have happened.
  • Lacy is a beast. He just plods along and gets yards. It’s impressive how he does it but sometimes it’s not always apparent to me just HOW he ends up getting the yards he gets. A very effective back for this team.
  • Rodgers is hugely talented. He threw some special passes tonight that I really don’t think any QB in the NFL could have thrown. Brees – maybe. But Peyton’s arm isn’t strong enough and Brady officially just sucks now it seems. Maybe Cutler. Anyway, he is just a fantastic QB and is really leading this team.
  • Rodgers is great. He maintains a healthy lead over Steve Young in career QB rating – 104.9 to 96.8.
  • Our defense is strong. I think having Burnett back there has really solidified the defense – like there is now a commander back there when there wasn’t in the first few games without him.
  • Micah Hyde continues to impress. That was a great return at a key moment in the game. I’m sure it was a part of the game the Vikes had not planned on having to worry about.
  • I really like having the Lacy/Starks duo out there. Let Lacy run wild in the first half and then bring Starks in there in the second half fresh to do some damage. Starks is not a great RB by any means but he runs hard and if he comes in after the defense has had to contend with Lacy for a half, dealing with Starks running style has to at least be annoying, or more accurately, punishing.
  • Crosby is looking really confident this year. It seems like his routine and his technique looks more polished this year than in past years. I’m sure some article somewhere has been written about him this year, but I’m wondering if he did modify his technique. Just looks simplified and obviously, far more effective.
  • McCarthy and Capers again deserve a lot of credit for getting these guys ready for the game – and for coaching up the younger guys in particular. While Myles White definitely looked lost on a few plays out there, he still did some damage and the rest of the young guys have just stepped in and played.
  • Excitement should be tempered though after a win like this. The Vikings are positively awful.

Take Lacy out!

October 27, 2013

Lacy hilarious to watch run

October 27, 2013

He is not fast – at all. He just kind of plods along and then flashes a quick-enough-juke of some kind to get a few extra yards. He is an amazingly effective runner.

Lattimore is super fast

October 27, 2013

I really like that guy.

Great 3rd and 16 conversion there

October 27, 2013

Just a fantastic play. Awesome that Boykin got up and had 2 guys there blocking for him to get that first. Just a great team play.

This head official…

October 27, 2013

…one of the least athletic head officials out there. Wow. Runs like I do after suffering and Old Man Injury.

I like how Morgan Burnett plays

October 27, 2013

I could be wrong about this but Burnett seems to me to decidedly not flashy – just goes out, makes plays and gives this team a much better chance to win.

Allen and Robison clueless

October 27, 2013

It has been fun to watch these guys just not know what to do each play. They are so programmed to rush up-field and because of Lacy they are really struggling to figure out what’s coming at them. And when it is a pass play they are so aggressive Rodgers has been sneaking out of the pocket via the hole they create from being too aggressive. I’ll say it again – screens also work well in these situations.

Great TD there – great drive.