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Game Thoughts Packers/Bears

September 28, 2014
  • The Packers put together a great game plan today. McCarthy deserves a lot of credit today. The offense came out with a needed sense of urgency and jumped out to a lead by half. And we know what happens to Jay Cutler when he has to play from behind. McCarthy’s playcalls today were creative – even though he/Rodgers actually didn’t distribute the offensive plays to many others besides Nelson/Cobb. That said, I think the first two passes going to Richard Rodgers – especially the one down the field – were huge playcalls to start the game because the Bears D started off wondering just who might get the ball.
  • That said, the Bears defense is awful. They put up very little resistance. They were really, really bad today. Part of why I think that is that Rodgers didn’t necessarily distribute the ball. He was still focused almost entirely on Nelson and Cobb and Lacy added very little on the ground (less than 5 yards per carry). I just think the Bears D is THAT bad.
  • Rodgers was very good. While I worry that we’ll have to rely on perfection to win going forward – today he pretty much delivered that. He was very good. But what I really liked is that Rodgers seemed focused on delivering results today. No yelling at teammates, no wondering how to unlock a defense – none of that. He was focused from the first play and that first drive – answering the Bears excellent first drive – was huge as the crowd was silenced.
  • Caper made some nice adjustments at halftime. Part of why the Bears offense struggled was because they were playing from behind and Cutler sucks at that. Another part of their struggles was due to them not going up the middle as much. They should have just kept pounding the middle with Forte – especially on screens. But they started going to the edges more. Capers also made a few nice adjustments.
  • Cobb had a great game – including the all-time greatest juke on that near TD run toward the end. That is the kind of move I know he’s capable of pulling off. Just a fantastic game.
  • Nelson continues to be a top 5 WR in the NFL. If people don’t start talking about him as a top flight guy then something is wrong. Right now – who is better besides Calvin? Not absurd to say Nelson is actually outplaying Calvin right now.
  • Clinton-Dix may have had the play of the game stopping Bennett from getting into the end zone at the very end of the first half. With each game I’m starting to see his potential. He’s not always in the right position and he does make some big errors but I am seeing he potential. I think he’s really strong. And John Lynch – someone who should know – seems to agree.
  • The whole team really played with a good understanding of what was at stake today. A loss in the division here and the team is in real trouble. But they came out and played hard. I am really pleased with this game.
  • I underestimated the team today by picking the Bears. They came out knowing they needed a win and they got it. They played with fire and played intelligently. While I know the whole momentum of the game really hinged on that goal-line play where Clinton-Dix prevented Bennett from getting in (with a score there the Bears would have been in command) – the Packers looked MUCH better in the second half as an entire team. We should be encouraged by this victory.

Greatest juke of all time?

September 28, 2014

How can the announcers (who have been pretty solid today) not comment on the fact that Randall Cobb may have just had the greatest juke of all time???? That was unreal!

Cutler falls behind and this happens

September 28, 2014

While that pick may well have been Marshall’s fault, this is what happens when Cutler falls behind. He is not good at come from behind scenarios.

Wow – Nelson is unreal

September 28, 2014

I don’t know why he doesn’t get more attention as a top flight WR than he does. He has made some unbelievable catches lately and he’s done a heck of a job being THE clear favorite target. It’s one thing to be great when there are 3-4 other quality targets but when you are THE guy and still great…then you’re…truly great. If that makes sense.

Great play by Tramon

September 28, 2014

I love it. The Packers are doing just what they needed to do by getting the lead and forcing mistakes. That’s how we can win this game.

Pack fired up today

September 28, 2014

I like to see the enthusiasm – led by Rodgers. They know what’s on the line and are playing accordingly. I especially like that Cutler is now having to play from behind. Watch for some mistakes here if the Bears get cute on offense.

That was unreal

September 28, 2014

Amazing pass by Rodgers. I don’t know about that holding call. The guy fell backward with momentum but it didn’t look that bad too me.

O-Line looking good today

September 28, 2014

Lynch is right – Rodgers being helped quite a bit by the play of the O-Line today.

Packers offense playing well today

September 28, 2014

McCarthy mixing in nice play calls, Rodgers finally looks like himself and the creativity is there. I like what I see. My only concern right now is that this is a close game – meaning the offense likely has to continue playing…perfectly. It’s possible but unless the defense can make something happen I remain concerned.

Nice catch there by Cobb – and great throw.

Not a smart call there be Trestman

September 28, 2014

Interesting. While I can understand that Trestman has some doubts about his D stopping Rodgers right now, even I probably wouldn’t have risked giving Rodgers a short field there. Not a great decision.