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Super Bowl at Lambeau someday?

May 25, 2010

Read here from ESPN – the NYG/NYJ will be hosting the 2014 Super Bowl in what sounds like a financially-motivated-one-time-exception for the NFL. Apparently there is not a plan to change the rule that the Super Bowl must be played either in a dome or in a location where temperatures remain above 50 degrees that time of year. 2014 is an exception will be an exception.

I bet Brother Steve is hoping that this will eventually lead to a rule change – Steve wrote just a couple years ago on this very topic both for Packergeeks here and for the Wall Street Journal (find the WSJ link within the Packergeeks post). I have to say, not sure they’d be a better party than a Super Bowl at Lambeau – especially if the Packers were playing in it!

Tony Romo – impressive

May 21, 2010

Tony Romo’s Cowboyness has always presented some problems for me. I’ve never liked the Cowboys, their image, what they think they stand for etc. But I’ve always liked Tony Romo. Sure, I feel this way mostly because he grew up in Wisconsin, but I kind of think he’s the kind of player I might have liked had he not grown up here. (The story about him changing a woman’s tire late at night after a difficult game makes him a difficult guy to dislike.)

Some people have been critical of his off-season pursuits in competitive golf. Cowboy fans like to talk about how he’s not dedicated enough to football because he devotes considerable time to golf in the off-season. Well, for those who don’t know yet, Tony Romo has just made it through the regional round of US Open qualifying for the the US Open golf tournament that will be held this June at Pebble Beach. He shot a 69 and had to win a playoff to make it through. Next step is sectional qualifying – a more difficult round to be sure, but if he makes it through, he’ll have qualified for one of the PGA Tour’s 4 major tournaments. If he can accomplish this, it would be a big freakin’ deal.

I disagree with those who claim that Romo’s golf pursuits interfere with his football career – they will probably help his football career and here’s why. Romo is an incredibly good QB I believe. He has good instincts, can make all the throws and he has a strong drive to win. His only concerning weakness in my estimation is his mental strength. He has struggled in big games and at big moments – this is well-documented. But if there is one sport that can strengthen one’s mental approach to sport in general, it’s golf. Especially, being successful in golf. Golf is one of the hardest sports to play well which helps explain why we see so many professional athletes from other sports drawn to it. Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, John Smoltz, Ryan Longwell, Jerry Rice – top level athletes from other sports can’t get enough. You’d think we’d read more about these guys being great at golf because of the mental strength they’ve built up from years of dominating other sports. But golf is unique in that very few pros from other sports are good enough to ever play golf professionally. Michael Jordan has essentially been given a good reputation as a quality golfer, but the truth is, he’s just not that good. Face to face against a golf pro, he’d get waxed – and he’d get crushed by Romo too.

I think this adventure will prove to be good for Romo and I’d bet he ends up having a great year on the football field too. Good luck Tony.

Peter King – high on the Packers

May 17, 2010

Reader Cindy V posted a comment on THIS Peter King MMQB article over at Sports Illustrated while I was reading the article itself. Well, here begins the year of higher expectations. Peter King ranked the Packers the #1 team in the NFL going into the 2010 season. I think King over time has really grown to like Aaron Rodgers, but I also think he sees the overall growth of this team. He does cite a couple potential weaknesses (CB and pass rush) but still believes this is the #1 team heading into this season.

I feel good about this year for the Pack for sure too. But I wonder if part of why he picked GB for #1 is that there aren’t  any overly compelling arguments to be made for the other teams. The Saints were great last year but I think a good part of that was momentum (kind of like the NYG of a few years ago) – which makes me doubt that their success will carry over to this year. The Saints will probably be good again because that offense is so tough to stop, but I think the Packers have a more solid overall team at the moment. I don’t think the Vikes can rebound from their loss. I expect NE and the Jets to be decent but not Super Bowl caliber. Indy will be good again and so will Dallas. I’m not sure about King putting San Diego at #2 though. They have been good, but their history of chunking it in the playoffs has to have taken some kind of psychological toll on them – and if it has it might lead to a total crap-out season. I even wonder if this year might be that kind of a season for them. I also don’t know about Carolina at #6 – seems every year most writers pick Carolina to be good. Can’t figure that one out.

My early, early on sleeper this year: Seattle.

Greg Jennings’ other career

May 10, 2010

Check this out from Youtube. Jennings had a brief cameo on the show Criminal Minds.

My unofficial review: he seems to have more acting presence than the other actors on that show. Not sure what that says really but having seen his Fox 6 Milwaukee segment where he interviews other athletes (like Shaq) a few times, his quality acting isn’t too surprising to me. He has a good presence.

Funny quote from Matt Hasselbeck’s 8 year old daughter…

May 4, 2010

Read below from Peter King’s MMQB. Also, check out this photo. The guy does look like the way Jesus Christ is often depicted. But I love Hasselbeck’s daughter’s quote:

Charlie Whitehurst is getting used to a new life in Seattle, a life with a little more pressure than he had as the number three quarterback in San Diego. There will be expectations now — that he can push Matt Hasselbeck for the starting job, and even if he loses that competition, that he’ll be ready to play at a moment’s notice for the Seahawks this year. Until now, the thickly brown-bearded, long-haired Whitehurst has been known for one thing as a Charger: his resemblance to Jesus Christ, at least to how Christ looks in the photos and images we’ve become used to seeing.

Whitehurst has formed a nice little bond with Hasselbeck. Let me say that if you can’t form a good bond with Hasselbeck, you are either a Martian or speak only Swahili. On one of his first nights in Seattle, Whitehurst got an invitation to dinner with the Hasselbeck family — Matt, his wife and three kids. The kids figured out something was different at the meal because they didn’t open it with grace, as they usually do.

“Daddy,” 8-year-old Annabelle said, acting like she’d just figured out one of the great mysteries of life, “we didn’t have to say grace because we ate with Jesus.”

“I’m thinking he looks more like Barry Gibb,” Matt Hasselbeck said.

Now we got the interesting-looking-quarterback angle out of the way. Now the question is: Can he play?