Game Thoughts Packers/Bears

November 26, 2015 by
  • The Packers aren’t very good. Last week was an aberration – this team tonight is the new Packers team and we just aren’t very good. And we may have to just get used to it (which will be difficult).
  • The Bears deserved to win this game. They played hard, they played smart and they stuck with a well-developed game plan. They were (and are?) a better team.
  • Tonight, the Packers were badly outcoached. I am beginning to think that the Packers may in fact have the player talent to get to the next level and go on a deep playoff run but I just don’t think we have the coaching. Capers is hit or miss. Tonight the defense wasn’t horrible but just couldn’t do enough with the game on the line. Again, though – not really the fault of the defense. The offense was awful. Rodgers barely completed passes at over 50% and there were a concerning number of just broken/dead plays tonight. The only thing we did well was run the ball – and of course we just stopped running after a while because…well, it was working.
  • Where is Jeff Janis? What more does the guy have to do to get on the field? It is getting ridiculous – but we’ve seen this same ridiculous stubbornness in the past from Packers coaches (when Desmond Bishop rode the pine despite making play after play). Janis is a spark plug. Get him in the game. He is very evidently the kind of player that isn’t satisfied with just a nice play – he wants to go for a TD on every play it seems. We need guys with that mentally (and his physical tools) on the field. And he doesn’t just duck out of bounds like so many players do nowadays. He runs hard and runs with an abandon that has to be somewhat scary for defenders considering his speed and size. On his return tonight that one Bear defender just bounced off of him – reminding me somewhat of Sterling Sharpe when little guys would just bounce off of him. Get Janis in the game and throw him the ball.
  • There are a number of guys on this team that need to see the field more. Joe Thomas, Jayrone Elliott, Quentin Rollins, Jeff Janis. The time to do this is now. And I am growing increasingly concerned that Morgan Burnett just isn’t the guy back there. While I don’t think he’s awful, we just seem to play much better when he’s out with an injury. (I am nearly certain our W/L record with him out is quite a bit better.) I want Hyde or, ideally, Rollins put back there. I know Rollins is a CB but convert him and do it now. We need playmakers out there – not more AJ Hawk type “assignment sure” guys that Capers favors. Or if moving Rollins won’t work, at least let him cover and play in front of Randall. I think Randall will be a decent pro some day but right now he’s not. Period. He makes too many mistakes and gets picked on in every game. Put Rollins in there for him. Get guys on the field who can make plays – Rollins is one of them.
  • I am getting really frustrated with the playcalling. It just seems so obvious what’s coming. Clements is calling plays in bunches all the time. 2-3-4 run plays in a row and then 2-3 pass plays in a row. It is the mixture of plays that makes it difficult for defenses but there is either no mixture or a predictable mixture (2 crappy run plays and then a 3rd and long pass). I think defenses are having a super easy time diagnosing our offense and the likely plays. Adam Gase called a really nice game for Chicago and he’s working miracles with Jay Cutler and that offense. We need someone like that. Sorry, but the answer to our playcalling woes is likely not in the organization right now. (And going back to McCarthy is not the answer either – it was his problems with playcalling that got him demoted from that role in the offseason.) We need to do something about this.
  • We also need to introduce different plays. The routes our WRs run look so similar from game to game. It has to look the same way to opposing defenses – which would partly explain why our WRs are never open. I noticed that big-time during the Detroit game. It got to the point where I could, with some degree of accuracy, predict which route Cobb would run for example.
  • How many carries did Lacy have in the second half? 6? maybe 7? What happened there? He was unstoppable for much of the first half and we just stopped going to him. I know he fumbled and that’s always a concern – but he was so dominant with the touches he had that we should have given him many more carries (of course, mixed in nicely with pass plays…).
  • Something really odd is going on with Randall Cobb. He just looks so slow out there. That play at the end when we got him into the match up we surely wanted (on a LB) was really weird. Not only was he already open only to run right to the guy, he then couldn’t beat a LB to get open. I know he didn’t have much time to get open but I really think something is going on with him – and it’s not just double teams. He was a top flight WR as recently as last year and he’s really not much better than average now. (And that’s not even mentioning the drops.)
  • Adams is getting frustrating to watch. He either seems dialed in or just out of it. He is not a good route runner. I thought coming in that was something people said he would do well, no? He is not stepping up like we need him to.
  • The Packers should have traded for Vernon Davis. I’m sure that wasn’t even on Ted Thompson’s radar which sucks because a guy like Davis could have really changed things for this team. Richard Rodgers is so slow he just can’t get away from defenders at all. He should be benched this week in favor of Justin Perillo – who while also slow is so fat that he seems to make it hard to get around him to stop the pass – like a good/big rebounder.
  • Have you noticed we haven’t gotten a “relax” from Rodgers this year? I’ll tell you why – because he has lost faith in this offense. He seems about half as confident this year in the offense than in the past – made apparent by both his body language and his inability to manufacture plays. He just isn’t the same I think in good part because he has lost a lot of confidence.
  • I know Jordy’s absence matters – it’s fairly obvious at this point. But we’re also not doing anything to compensate for that. Did we throw deep at all today? Even once? I don’t remember it if we did. We certainly didn’t complete any long passes. Did we bring Janis in there? Did we try any back shoulder throws to anyone else? No? Yes, he can do things better than most, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely eliminate all of the kinds of plays we had dialed up for him.
  • Tim Masthay is becoming a problem again. I know the conditions were ugly but he was bad and it cost us.
  • Tretter is a better run blocker than Linsley. It is no coincidence that over the last 2 games, when Lacy has been running wild, Tretter has been in at center. I think he gets a better push. He had 3 critical blocks tonight that opened big holes for Lacy – including the one that sprung him lose for the TD (that wasn’t really a TD because he let it go before the line as far as I could tell.)
  • Heads need to roll here now. I sense complacency and entitlement spreading like a virus in this locker room. Jobs have to be on the line now – for everyone. Guys like Peppers need to step it up or sit down so that super hungry guys like Elliott and Datone can get on the field. McCarthy needs to hold players and coaches accountable for their performances. And McCarthy and staff need to make some changes/adjustments. If they continue on this same path the Packers could very well fizzle out and miss the playoffs…after starting 6-0.
  • If the Packers would have picked up Wes Welker (or Vernon Davis) a couple weeks ago, I am positive both would have been super helpful in recent weeks. But I have concerns that those kinds of moves don’t seem to even cross TT’s mind during the season. It’s like he/McCarthy are so keen on sticking to the “stay the course” mantra that they don’t see the huge cracks in the ship. That may have worked once in 2010, but as I’ve been saying recently, I’m beginning to seriously doubt it can happen again with the current regime.
  • Playing Detroit next suddenly doesn’t seem fun at all. They are really playing well and playing with the fire that the Packers lack. At this moment, I can see an ugly loss coming to a team that was the laughingstock of the NFL just a few weeks back. Wow.

Bears CRAZY not to go for it there

November 26, 2015 by

Why would they not go for that on 4th and 1? Even though Langford was really 3 yards short of the first down they gave them a great spot – they should have closed out the game right there.

Pack deserves to lose

November 26, 2015 by

I hope they do right now. Seriously. They need to make some serious changes and maybe getting totally embarrassed tonight will help. Though I know that’s wishful thinking as I’m sure McCarthy will want to “stay the course”.

terrible call there!

November 26, 2015 by

that cost us a TD

So tired of plays in bunches

November 26, 2015 by

It has become so predictable. Calling a bunch of plays in a row and a bunch of passes in a row. Mixing plays is what makes it difficult for defenses to predict. But Clements keeps calling all these plays in bunches.

Nice play by Shields there

November 26, 2015 by


November 26, 2015 by

Why don’t we call this route anymore? It’s so simple yet we never do it anymore.

Adams not running routes well

November 26, 2015 by

He is not a crisp route runner from what I’ve seen. It hurts us.

Bears getting hosed on these calls

November 26, 2015 by

Come on. This is getting out of control. The Packers are getting every call tonight and we’re still losing.

Gase just beating Capers right now

November 26, 2015 by

So frustrating to watch. If Gase were calling plays for the Packers I think we’d be unstoppable.


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