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Great story – about a Chicago Bear?

May 23, 2011

It’s hard for me to post this as it speaks well of a Chicago Bear (or possible Chicago Bear). But the fact is, what 6th round draft pick JT Thomas did recently is really cool.

Read here.

Injury confuses Mark DeRosa – not me

May 20, 2011

Read here re his “mysterious injury”. Seems to me a very obvious explanation: Old Man Injury.

Like reading stories like this

May 20, 2011

read here re Brandon Phillips (baseball player for the Reds).


And this one too.

Packers vs Beer

May 13, 2011

Wow – tough poll question over at jsonline. Read here.

Al Harris to get Super Bowl ring – nice

May 13, 2011

read here. nice.

A good…Guy

May 9, 2011

Check out this story from Really makes you want 7th round pick Lawrence Guy to make the team. Unfortunately for him, just making this team will be plenty difficult.

Interesting Draft

May 1, 2011

Click here for the full list of Packer draft picks. Initial thoughts:

  • Glad we picked up an OLB, a DT, a CB and a DE. We do have depth on our D – but we have room for improvement w/respect to quality. We do need numbers especially along the D-Line so taking a DT and a DE in particular makes sense.
  • I like Davon House mostly because there will be fan chaos if he returns a pick for a TD…taking it to the____.
  • I did find it curious that we took 2 TEs. One of them, as the link above indicates, will probably be used more for special teams if they both make the team.
  • DE Rick Elmore has an interesting name for a guy nowadays. Rick. Seems like an 80’s flashback pick.
  • I really like what I’ve read about Alexander Green’s pass catching ability. I stand well-opposed in my opinion that we need to upgrade at #3 RB. Jackson has brought quality blocking and good pass-catching and I really like his attitude. But I still think we can improve at the #3 RB and this Green guy looks good.
  • I like getting a return guy. It bothered me every time Williams, Woodson or even Jordy would go back for a kick/punt. Those guys weren’t ever really that good at returning and it always just seemed that we were taking on unnecessary risks by putting them back there.
  • I like that we picked up a highly rated OT and an OG with big upside and a great name (Schlauderaff).