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Cheerleader Could Play for the Vikings

October 31, 2007

I think this poor girl knows what Vikings right tackle Ryan Cook will feel like going up against Aaron Kampman.

Jon Kitna, Naked…

October 31, 2007

Or close anyway.

Last fall, Lions Defensive Line Coach Joe Cullen pulled his SUV to the drive-thru at a local Wendy’s, just as any hungry Michigander might. Well, not exactly like anyone else. He wasn’t wearing any clothes, which prompted the young woman preparing his order to call the police. He was arrested for indecent exposure. A week later, he was pulled over a second time and arrested for drunk driving.

When Cullen met his players to explain himself, he did not bare his soul. But comments from the team afterwards made some observers wonder if Cullen, in fact, coached in the buff. According to an article in USA Today, “the defensive linemen insisted they could see Cullen the same way they had before.” Yikes.

Earlier this week, Kitna was one of several Detroit Lions to attend a Halloween Party to benefit the Mike Furrey Foundation. He had a creative costume that might exacerbate the natural tension that exists between the offense and defense. Video here.

Does Joe Cullen have a myspace page? I guess not, but it’s worth a visit anyway. (And, yes, it’s all work safe.)

Follow-up to Bigby concerns

October 31, 2007

I think McGinn overstates it here a bit (as usual). Bigby had a bad game against Denver in the national spotlight – no question. But I would argue that Bigby has been a very solid addition to our secondary. And I say this not just because comparisons to Manuel would make anyone look exceptional, but because Bigby hits hard, is a good tackler and he’s very aggressive. And, while his coverage of the tight ends hasn’t been ideal at times, he and Collins did an infinitely better job covering Chris Cooley than our linebacking group in the 2nd half of the Redskins game. If someone broke down the numbers, I think we’d also find that opposing teams are throwing to tight ends against us way more than they do against other teams due to our corners. As a coach, I would tell Bigby to just forget about Monday night, consider it an aberration, and maybe let him punt a few times in practice to satiate his kicking urge.

McGinn: Bigby Kicked the Ball a Second Time

October 31, 2007

Veteran Packer beat writer Bob McGinn noticed the same thing I did during the game on Monday night. Not only did Atari Bigby have an awful game in coverage and commit several boneheaded plays, he could have been called for a second delay of game penalty for kicking the ball. Here is what we wrote during the game: “What is the matter with him? Bigby was the victim of a very questionable pass interference call as he was covering Tony Scheffler. Then, just as he did minutes ago, he kicked the ball out of bounds. He’d just gotten flagged for that and scolded by McCarthy.”

And here is McGinn (Packer Insider, no link available): “Atari Bigby is becoming more and more of a liability in coverage with each passing game. He can’t cover a TE with any kind of talent from the slot, and with four penalties there are questions about his ability to play in big games. He kicked the ball once for a delay penalty and came close to doing it a second time even after McCarthy yanked him for a spell.”

Bigby has been a big addition to the Packers through seven games. Despite his lapses in pass coverage, and there have been many, he has brought an attitude to the defense that the Packers have lacked in the past. He is far better than Marquand Manuel — now a backup w/Carolina — but that’s not saying much.

McCarthy loves “football”

October 31, 2007

We were listening to the pregame interview before the Packers/Redskins game a few weeks ago on 620 WTMJ radio. In an interview with McCarthy that couldn’t have lasted more than 4-5 minutes, he used the word “football” some 14 times. I have since noticed in articles quoting McCarthy that this was not an isolated incident. (Check out the post-game transcript from Monday night after the game.) Though this was a relatively mild performance, he managed to use it in 9 times here. I go back and forth thinking maybe he should use the word football here and there considering he is an NFL “football” coach. But then again, maybe we all know what sport he’s involved in and the repeated “football”s are unnecessary? It seems to be used as space filler, perhaps when McCarthy is trying to think of what to say next. I like McCarthy more and more with each win, but keep an ear out for his crutch word “football” in the next interview.

Texans Sign Koonce, Archambeau, Carreker

October 31, 2007

The Houston Texans today announced the signing of free agents George Koonce, Lester Archambeau and Alphonso Carreker…

Okay, not really. But doesn’t it seem like the Texans have signed half of the players from the Mike Sherman-era Packers? Today they signed Craig Nall. Add him to this growing list of former Packers: Ahman Green, Vonta Leach, Mike Flanagan, and Kevin Barry.

Throw in Jamar Fletcher, Ron Dayne and Owen Daniels from UW and Matt Turk from UW-Whitewater and something like 1 in 6 Texans have a recent Wisconsin connection.

It would almost be enough to get me to root for them. But Mike Sherman is still there.

McCarthy: I Wanted Tails

October 31, 2007

Somtimes the little things matter. At his press conference today, Mike McCarthy was asked: “How did you feel going into overtime, considering it was Monday night and in Denver.” His response? “How did it feel? Well, number one, to win the coin toss, because just looking at our defense, especially for how long they’d been out on the field prior to the overtime. So that was probably about as big a decision that was made all night, Greg Jennings calling heads on the coin toss. I think you should go tails, and he told me he was going heads, and I’m glad I didn’t say what I wanted to say.”

Wynn Done for Season; Robinson on Roster

October 30, 2007

DeShawn Wynn was placed on injured reserve today, after injuring his shoulder in the second quarter last night. Koren Robinson takes his roster spot.

Wynn’s injury was described as something like a stinger, but more problematic. Wynn was the most effective Packer runner through the first six weeks, which is something like being the smartest Vikings fan — not much to brag about.

I think Ryan Grant could be effective going forward. Much is being made of the fact that Grant’s yards came against a woeful Denver run defense. Fair enough. But a look at the Packers’ schedule shows lots of matchups against crappy defenses. Grant will be tested over the next couple of weeks against the Chiefs and the Vikings. But after that, he only faces one run defense in the top 15 (the Cowboys on 11/29) the rest of the way. The others are: Carolina (19), Detroit (18), Oakland (30), St. Louis (25), Chicago (26) and Detroit again. Not exactly tough sledding.

And here…

October 30, 2007

David Steele, of the Baltimore Sun, wrote this after Favre’s awful game in Baltimore back in 2005. “It was a big, long swallow of reality for everyone who still clung to the memories of the Favre from a few years ago. This is what it tastes like to be washed up, the flavor of two Super Bowls, countless comebacks and inspiring triumphs now all gone.” When Ravens QB Kyle Boller met his hero on the field after the game, Steele continued, “he should have given Favre his autograph.” Ummm, right.

Vito Stellino and Bart Hubbuch, beat writers in Jacksonville, Florida, pronounced Favre the NFC’s “most overrated player” after the 2005 season. Favre “is way past his prime,” they wrote. “It’s time for Favre to retire.”

Andrew Wagner, in a column for, said Ted Thompson should release Favre if the Hall of Fame quarterback did not leave on his own. “Favre can step down now and be remembered for all of his glories. Or he can keep playing this child’s game and go down in history as the Iron Man who didn’t know when his time was up.”

His time was up?

Here They Are…

October 30, 2007

“Where are they now?” Good question. I remember listening all off-season to NFL experts — many of whom are no more “expert” than anyone reading this post. Favre was washed up. He didn’t have arm strength. He was sacrificing the Packers’ future to set records. Blah, blah, blah.

No one did this more than Solomon Wilcots, a CBS NFL analyst and co-host of “The Afternoon Blitz” on Sirius NFL radio. In fact, to promote the show over the summer, Sirius used a clip of Wilcots mocking Favre as overrated. His claim? That other mediocre quarterbacks could have thrown as many touchdowns as Favre if they’d been allowed to play through as many interceptions. Wilcots implied that Favre would have been benched if he had played for any other organization. The entire time his sidekick, Sirius host Adam Schein, yukked it up.

On several occasions, Schein also argued that the Packers should cut ties with Favre and said Favre was selfish for sacrificing his team.

This, from the guy who authored an article in September with the title: “Have Faith in Rex Grossman.” Schein began: “The Chicago Bears will once again be in the mix this season to win the Super Bowl. Which means that once again all eyes will be thrust upon every move that my guy Rex Grossman makes. You read that correctly. My guy, Rex Grossman…Book it — Rex Grossman is going to have a much more even season, throwing for 25 or more touchdowns, while leading the Bears back to the playoffs.” And in July wrote: “Rex Grossman will have a very good 2007 campaign and lead the Bears back to the playoffs.”

In any case, this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. More coming later…