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James Jones re-signs with Packers

July 31, 2011

Read here. I know a number of you have weighed in on the Jones situation – some for trying to retain and others ready to see Jones and his drops go. I’ll say it again – I’m glad we kept him. I think Jones is a good WR and I think this mostly for an odd reason – he moves weird. I mentioned this last year in a post – but the way Jones moves his body before and after the catch is really unusual. It’s hard to put my finger on it but there is something about his movement that I think makes it hard for defenders to figure out what he’s doing. With the addition of Cobb and DJ Williams, Finley being back, and of course Jennings, Drive and Nelson – Rodgers has the weapons he needs.

The passing game won’t be the issue this year.

Jenkins not going to Redskins

July 28, 2011

I heard that what happened was Daniel Snyder came running into the room at the last minute and said “while I’m attracted to the fact that Jenkins will cost a lot, I’m concerned he may actually be a quality free agent acquisition – let’s not do it”.



Redskins close to deal with Jenkins

July 28, 2011

Read here from PFT. A loss certainly for the Pack, but this was expected. I wish Jenkins well – good player, good guy.

Check out this list of still-available free agents

July 28, 2011

Just came across this list over at Although some pretty major deals have already happened, looking at this list you realize just how much talent is still out there. It’s amazing. Here are some more decent guys that wouldn’t be TOO much of a stretch to consider:

  • WR Steve Smith (from the NYG) – though probably too expensive, his style of play would fit well with what we do – very solid player.
  • G Justin Blalock (Atl) – decent player, though I think Colledge was let go b/c we have other decent backups there.
  • RB Darren Sproles (SD) – would be too pricey perhaps, but great return guy and nice shifty 3rd down back
  • FB Vonta Leach (HOU, former Packer) – he has turned into a very good player, a big part of why Arian Foster has been so good – may be worth the price.


Colledge gone

July 27, 2011

Read here. All indications are that Colledge is leaving. Apparently he will be signing with the Cardinals. Colledge was solid last year. He and the line came together nicely especially down the stretch. I also happen to think he’s a decent person who fit well with the team despite often being the target of criticism.

That said, Colledge was not an All-Pro and another player should be able to slide in there without much problem. In fact, I’ll take it a step further and note that with another guard in there our line may be better overall (especially in the running game).

Vikes quietly add Aromashodu – possibly McNabb too

July 27, 2011

Read here. This may be an indication that the Vikes are concerned they won’t be able to keep Sidney Rice. But either way, I think this is a good move. Aromashodu spent last year in the doghouse of Mike Martz (this article says Lovie Smith, but if I recall, I believe it was Martz – either way, he was in a doghouse).I know he hasn’t done much in his career, but he flashed some serious potential in 2009. In those last 4 games, he started to look like one of those huge WRs that guys just can’t defend well (like Rice in fact). It’s worth a gamble for the Vikes and my guess is that the gamble will pay off quicker than most imagine (in part because defenses are already scrambling to stop AP and Harvin).

Now, if they add McNabb (which looks likely at the moment), they could suddenly become a decent team again. I don’t like McNabb, I think he’s decent but overrated and his way just annoys me. Unfortunately, that is how I feel about most Vikings – which is why I’m concerned he might just be a good fit there.

On the other hand, if they don’t add McNabb, I think there is a decent chance the Vikes go 5-11.

Packers sign Crosby

July 27, 2011

I expected this, though I have to say I’m in the camp of those who don’t think Crosby is THAT good. And this is a nice contract for a guy who isn’t THAT good. Crosby, interestingly, has never had a year when he’s made more than 80% of his field goals. For a kicker, that is not good. By comparison, other free agent kickers like Ryan Longwell and David Akers have not had a FG percentage BELOW 80% in the last 3 years.

Now, Crosby isn’t terrible though and one reason I think McCarthy wanted to get this deal done is because of the new rule moving kickoffs up to the 35 yard line. Crosby has a stronger leg than both Akers and Longwell and several of the other free agent kickers and this could be pretty huge for field position this year.

Mike Freeman on crack re Hasselbeck worship

July 27, 2011

Check out this random, unabashed Matt Hasselbeck-worship post. I don’t get it. Hasselbeck was good a few years back but he’s bordering on awful now. (I must say – this is hard for me to write because I like Hasselbeck as a person..but he’s just not good anymore.) Don’t believe me? Check out his awful stats for the past 3 seasons:

  • was injured for 13 of 50 games
  • had an average QB rating of 68.7
  • had an average pass completion percentage of  of 57%
  • threw 34 TDs to 44 INTs

Sorry Mike Freeman – if Tenn gets to the playoffs it will be because Chris Johnson has 4000 yards, not because of Hasselbeck. If I were Tenn I would have gone after Kyle Orton or even McNabb.

Rodgers clear about position on James Jones

July 26, 2011

Read here from jsonline. Not sure really what else Rodgers might say when asked a direct question about a teammate like Jones – but he probably didn’t have to go on to say it should be priority #1. Frankly, I agree with Rodgers. I know Jones was frustrating last year but he does far more good than harm. Issue is price. My guess is TT is not too worried about letting Jones go.

Stay tuned to jsonline for Packer updates

July 26, 2011

Check here to stay up-to-date. A lot going on – lots of guys have signed today. I like the signing of RB Brandon Saine in particular – guy can move and he played for a big-time program (OSU).