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Packers/Giants Game Thoughts

November 25, 2012
  • The Packers, as a team, need to go to the Corner Bistro in New York, have multiple cheeseburgers and many beers and forget this game ever happened. While there are plenty of things to be concerned about (and I’ll get to some of those), I see this game as that occasional aberration game that just happens sometimes. The Bears had one last week (though I think their loss to San Fran was a truer reflection of who they are than this loss by the Pack tonight). San Fran even had one at home against the Rams a few weeks ago.
  • Our offensive line is horrible at both run blocking and pass blocking. Once again, Rodgers leads the NFL in getting sacked. No, he’s not the easiest QB to pass block for as he tries to do too much back there at times. And he definitely holds onto the ball too long (I’ll get to this next). But the cold hard truth is that this O-Line is below average at the 2 things it can’t afford to be bad at – creating holes for RBs and protecting the QB. TT has to be thinking of investing a lot more into the O-Line in the coming years if he wants to protect his franchise QB. Rodgers is one awkward landing from being hurt/out – and the season would end promptly if that happened.
  • Rodgers holds onto the ball too long. He did it early in his career and he’s been a regular among the most sackedĀ  QBs in the league. He and guys like Cutler just hang onto it at times when giving up on making a play is just the better decision. Now, I can’t get too worked up about this though – because I know where this comes from for Rodgers. Psychologically, as we’ve seen many a time on the positive side, Rodgers is absolutely, totally driven to succeed – especially when the odds are stacked against him. So, when the play breaks down and 3 D-Linemen are grabbing at him and he’s falling down – he wants more than anything to make a play at that precise moment because the odds of succeeding then are slim. Again, he’s made a number of unreal plays under huge pressure just like this, but he’s also taken a number of sacks. His predecessor would throw picks instead of taking sacks. Neither of these results are good (though I’d take sacks if I had the choice). But again, because Rodgers wants to succeed so badly, I think he tries to do too much sometimes to make something happen. And it hurts us.
  • Our running game is laughable, mostly because our RBs have nowhere to go and because they are slow to get to the small holes that there are. Not a good combo.
  • Don’t let Brad Jones’ stats fool you (he ends up usually with a fair number of tackles). He is not a rangy guy at all. He just doesn’t cover much territory so when he’s next to AJ Hawk, who has cooled off after a good start to the season, there is a lot of open space out there for runners, WRs and TEs. When Clay returns, I think MM should start working Dezman Moses into an ILB position because that guy has to be on the field and have the opportunity to make more plays. He is Desmond Bishop Jr – and he will causes lots of turnovers if given the chance.
  • Our secondary had an off night tonight. It didn’t help that the Giants immediately established a nice rushing attack. Nor did it help that we got zero pass rush and that they got zero help from the LBs in coverage.
  • Crosby has to go. I like the guy – and I know he’s a popular teammate. And I know McCarthy loves the guy. But stats for kickers don’t lie and his stats suck – and they’ve never really been good compared to guys who are available today.
  • The coaching job was awful tonight. Unprepared. No mid-game adjustments. Just terrible.
  • Again, at the risk of sounding not concerned enough, I”m not very concerned about this loss. It was an absolutely terrible game. We couldn’t have played worse and we got crushed. We do have a number of injuries that are really starting to affect us (the one to Bulaga perhaps as much as any). Hopefully as our guys get healthy we’ll bounce back quickly.
  • The next game is huge for this team and for the coaching staff. We need to pull it together and destroy a really weak Vikings team.

Packers should pull the starters

November 25, 2012

Seriously. The game is out of hand and all that can happen is that one of our important guys gets injured Give some backups the chance to play in a prime time game.

Great play by Finley there

November 25, 2012

Interesting – he’s had a couple nice plays tonight that suggest he may be willing to play a bit harder going forward.

We should have never kicked a FG back there…

November 25, 2012

I’m tired of talking about how teams need to be WAY more aggressive on 4th downs – it’s a mathematically proven fact that NFL teams are way too conservative – but to kick a FG there when we had some momentum was actually a momentum killer. Also, we needed to think about the fact that our defense had looked awful thus far. Just not a good decision.

Ultimately, I’m not sure it would have mattered though – blowout.

Don’t kick a FG here!

November 25, 2012

We need a TD on this drive.

Just feels like…

November 25, 2012

…we haven’t played a high quality offense in a while. I’ve always admired the Giants O-Line. When they play well, their line often has their way in both the running game and passing game. And that’s happening right now. We’re also catching the Giants right about the time of year they start to wake up and go on a run.

This could be a blowout

November 25, 2012

I didn’t have a good feeling about this game. Not good.

House not looking as solid tonight

November 25, 2012

He looks a bit off. Usually he has blanket coverage and he’s allowed a few fairly easy passes to get through already.

I know McCarthy is trying a ‘pausitive’ psychology thing with Crosby…

November 25, 2012

.,..but at some point you just have to cut a guy who is not doing his job. McCarthy and everyone else including Wayne Larrivee for some reason, go way out of their way to talk about Crosby being mentally strong – giving him votes of confidence no matter what he does. But right now, he is in the midst of an unreal slump (55% on the season) – AND HISTORICALLY HE JUST HASN’T BEEN VERY GOOD (77% career average). He is hurting this team right now and we need to look at some other options.

Massive hold there against Moses

November 25, 2012

No call.