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Eddie Lacy too!

April 26, 2013

Wow. Hard to believe he dropped in the draft like this. Packer fans should be excited about the draft so far – and we’ve only made 2 picks. While I really like DuJuan Harris and think he could be great RB some day, I think pairing him with Lacy could really make for a unique running attack. Mix Starks in there for a random, different, upright style and defenses might finally have some trouble with our running game. This is a good draft pick.

(Dave in Tucson, I agree we now need to grab a few OL guys, but I think this is a good pick.)

More info on Datone

April 26, 2013

If you want to read more about Datone, Tyler Dunne had this rather prophetic piece on Datone just a few days ago. Seems like a likeable guy who is hungry. All the talk about his relentless style has to have massive appeal to Packer fans especially when you consider “relentless” may be the best way to describe Matthews. Together they could make things awful for an opposing QB.


Packers extend Rodgers

April 26, 2013

Finally, a deal has been reached. Read here. Rodgers signs for 5 years and $110m. That’s huge. Wow. Hard to argue the guy doesn’t deserve it after what he’s done in his career. He is on a trajectory to be one of the best QBs to ever play. That may sound like inflated/biased Packer fan talk but really, it’s just the truth. I like this signing, I like the Matthews signing, I like the Datone Jones pick and I’ll like the team even more if we can fill some holes here this weekend in the draft.

Go Packers!

Packers pick Datone Jones

April 25, 2013

I like this pick. The highlights look good and I like how the Packers might be able to use him. But what draws me most to this guy are his moves on the line. He seems to have an abnormally quick first step and while I know the NFL is a much faster game, I’m guessing he will be plenty disruptive (ideally playing on the other side of the field from Matthews).