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Favre to Jets now?

July 31, 2008

Read this post from They cite this article in the Green Bay Press Gazette, but they share with us what the original title was for the article: “All But Over: Favre to Go to Jets (It’s Over: Favre traded to Jets)”. Interesting. I think the question would be, would Favre really report to the Jets – would he accept this trade? Especially if there’s any truth to the thought that he’s been angling to be a Viking all along? Though the Jets are better than their record last year, they don’t seem to fit Favre’s requirement of going to a contender.

This would be an interesting conclusion to all of this. I wonder what we’d get for Favre? Pennington and a fifth round pick? I wouldn’t mind something like that because I may be the only person left besides Pennington and his parents who thinks Pennington isn’t done yet. But my guess is TT will just go for as high a draft pick as he can – maybe a 3rd or a 4th rounder.

Did the Vikings coax Favre out of retirement?

July 31, 2008

Read this excerpt from an AP article by Brett Martel. Focus on the bold part. What does this mean?????

It is widely believed Favre would be willing to play for the Vikings. In filing tampering charges with the NFL against the Vikings two weeks ago, Packers officials expressed a belief that Vikings coaches had inappropriate contact with Favre—and interest from the Vikings was the main reason behind Favre’s last-minute desire to return.

Did the Vikings convince him to return and is that why TT and company are so upset? Have they known all along that Favre didn’t want to come back to the Packers at all, but instead go to Hamm’s country and golf with his pal Longwell? Did this all go down during that strange time (late March) when Favre said he wanted to come back and then suddenly changed his mind? That time Al Jones himself was wondering about? I know a few of you and Brother Steve have wondered re Vikings conspiracy possibilities (I’ve been in denial re this possibility due to not being able to deal with it being true), but the more we learn, the more worried I am that this may prove to be true.

Favre deal within 48 hours?

July 31, 2008

So says ESPN radio’s 20 minute update (both national and Milwaukee ESPN radio’s update). Both updates noted that there are rumblings that the Packers are expecting to close a deal within the next 48 hours. It was noted that Goodell is not going to reinstate Favre today but will likely wait until tomorrow which will then give the Packers tomorrow and Saturday to complete a deal before Favre is able to show for camp. Favre can’t report to camp tomorrow because he will not have been reinstated until 3pm, and then the Packers will have 24 hours after he’s reinstated to essentially delay things further. Now, I don’t know what the rules are, but it really seems odd that Goodell has the power to delay reinstatement without providing a solid reason. Being able to do this makes him an awfully powerful man. I can see doing this to more carefully investigate a player if he’s had ongoing behavior problems, like a Chris Henry. But with Favre, it just seems odd that he can just delay a reinstatement like this.

Quick question though – if the Vikes are found guilty of tampering, isn’t there some rule out there that would say that they are then not eligible to trade for the player involved? And, if there is such a rule, would Goodell be inclined to “find nothing of concern” during the investigation because he seems so intent on getting a trade done?

How do Grant/Herman feel re apparent Favre offer?

July 31, 2008

First of all, want to thank reader Dave in Tuscon for pointing out that many of us are running with the anonymous source report that Favre was indeed offered $20 million or so to stay away. Many typically credible outlets like ESPN, are running with this as well, but this does not appear to be confirmed fact and we should allow for the possibility that this has been Favre-Camp-Distorted again.

That said, now, back to assuming this did happen. Good point here from – how do Grant and his agent feel right about now? The Packers aren’t holding substantive talks with them while they fly around apparently offering millions to a player for him NOT to play!

Al Jones interview on WSSP yesterday

July 31, 2008

Read the following from Packergeeks reader Ron La Canne.

Al Jones (Favre’s reporter friend from Biloxi) was interviewed on 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee this afternoon. He feels that something happened to cause things to go bad after Favre met with Campen in March. He said, Favre indicated to Campen that he had changed his mind and wanted to come back. Campen went back to GB and told Thompson and Mc Carthy. TT and MM told Favre that was fine and would come to Mississippi April 1 (does that have any sugnificance?) and make a joint statement (Most of this has been around in bits and pieces). He feels that during the time between Campens visit and the day he called Mc Carthy and told him not come, someone or something changed his mind again. He said he didn’t know what it was.

His feeling is that there are only three possibilities Favre has available to him now. Go back and play at GB (He said he feels this is what Favre really wants). Get his outright release from the Packers but even that doesn’t guarentee he will play for another team. Or finally, retire once again (He would only be slightly surprised if this happened.

Based on the interview above it seems that something happened to make Favre tell TT and MM not to come. What could that be? Jones said if that can be revealed we would know why Favre has been acting as he has.

My guess — I smell Bevell and Childress.

Interesting comment and possible speculation that perhaps TT and the team may have been ticked off that Favre may have been talking to the Vikings around this time – is that what you’re getting at here Ron? I also heard this interview and in fact, had wondered in a few previous posts about whether something happened between TT and Favre that we don’t know about that may be at the root of this? Who knows if something actually did happen, but Ron, interesting speculation. To give this comment some context, I must say I found Al Jones to be more balanced during this interview yesterday than he’s been in print lately (in print, a few weeks ago he got out of control re TT, giving the impression he 100% backed Favre). Sure, in this interview yesterday he was still critical of TT but he also noted he doesn’t believe Favre has handled this well either – noting in particular that Favre waited way to long to firmly declare his unretirement intentions, as they were.

This is why we love doing Packergeeks…

July 31, 2008

From Packergeek reader verno329 on the prospect of Favre to the Vikings or Bears:

“At this point I don’t even care any more what happens. After the $20 million “please go away” offer I have little respect left for either side in this deal. Seeing him in a Bears uniform wouldn’t feel great but seeing him in purple would make me sick. I agree with PackerBelle that you can’t reward Brett by sending him to the Vikes and that Brett’s ego wouldn’t allow him to be a backup. I have no idea what is gonna happen next. Except that I’m gonna be sick”

I think this sums things up pretty well as they stand right now…great comment…

Steve’s developing theory – Favre to Tampa

July 31, 2008

Jeff Garcia was apparently just hurt at training camp. Now, if it’s like past injuries for him it won’t be that serious but nagging. This may be just enough for Gruden to get on Bucs management to make a better play for Favre. The timing here could end up working out for the Packers overall. All the team would have to do is open up trade talks with the Vikings and Bears which would likely up Tampa’s offer . If Favre rejects any trade and continues to push this, the team could either let him compete for the job here or just cut him outright.

Anyway, Steve’s theory is that the Bucs may now offer up Chris Simms and a middle-late round pick for Favre and TT would take this gladly at this point.

Who made this bribe decision?

July 31, 2008

This may be one of the more important questions. Steve and I were imagining the board room where the Packers were discussing options and how hammered they must have been when someone said “hey, let’s just bribe him. I saw it in an old Dillinger movie and it seemed to work!”

Again, was this a Murphy plan or a TT plan? Anyone know this?

Packers being ridiculous now…

July 31, 2008

Brother Steve and I were just talking about “The Bribe”. Unbelievable. I simply cannot believe this is what the Packers resorted to. The Packers sure better get info out asap as to what conditions were present that made an offer like this reasonable because to those of us not inside the circle, I don’t see how this could be construed as anything other than a desperate bride. Absolutely ridiculous. The Packers may come out and mask this under the guise of future PR engagements etc but come on, that is ridiculous. Considering all that’s been said, I think it may take a while for him to be a credible Packers ambassador anyway. That is clearly not what this is for. The $20 million was simply to coax him into permanent retirement so that the team can move in the direction TT wants the team to move in. I just find this development shocking. I have never heard of a team trying to bribe a player to stay retired.

One important factor here is that despite Favre’s recent detruth problem if you will, the team should have known Favre well enough to know that appeasing him with money wouldn’t work. As Bus Cook has already apparently said (according to Steve from Sirius radio), this offer likely won’t affect Favre much and he will most likely show up in camp on Friday. Offering Favre more money under the veil of PR is like offering me more ants in my den – just not something either of us need right now.

McGinn: Trade to Vikings, Bears is Possible

July 31, 2008

This is good news.  Bob McGinn reports that the Packers have had internal discussions about relenting on their refusal to trade Brett Favre to the Vikings or the Bears.  NFL Network’s Adam Schefter reported the same thing last night.  It goes without saying that this would not have been anyone’s first choice.  But given the alternatives — keeping Favre on the roster as a $12 million backup, an outright release or a trade to the Buccaneers for a “late round” draft pick — and the apparent failure of the Packers efforts to bribe Favre to retire, a trade within the division looks pretty good.  And if Ted Thompson had considered it when we first backed the idea — or at least announced that he would consider it — he might well have more leverage in what should be fast and furious trade talks now.