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Quality from the Onion

October 27, 2011

Read here.

Not-So-Smart Car

October 27, 2011

See here.

Alex Green done for the year

October 24, 2011

Read here. Unfortunate news for the rookie. He did have a few plays this year but for the most part,  he was just working himself into the rhythm of being a Packer.

I wish him well in his recovery.

Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings

October 23, 2011
  • Ponder looked good to me even though he threw 2 picks and missed 19 of his 32 passes. He showed poise on a few occasions and delivered some really nice throws on key 3rd downs. Impressive first outing for him. He seems to have the tools to be a decent QB in this league.
  • I still don’t know why the Vikings just didn’t hand it off to Peterson on every play. Even if he’s ridiculously tired, he’d still be unstoppable. He was especially nasty today finishing with 175 yards.
  • I do give some credit to the Vikes for hanging in there and making a game of it at the end. They played hard and made plenty of good plays to keep themselves in the game.
  • I didn’t like some of the antics of Vikings’ players today. I thought they did some pretty cheap things out there. In fact, one of the things I began to worry about toward the end of the game was Rodgers or another really significant player getting hurt because of a Viking cheapshot.
  • James Starks was huge at the end. He knew they were calling his number and he still made quality, hugely important runs. His final run on 3rd down was terrific. And on each of the 3 huge runs, he was very much aware of where the sideline was – as he was avoiding it like the plague. Very nicely done Starks.
  • Like seems to happen a lot with the Packers, we overwhelmed the Vikes at one point in the game, building a nice lead with an impressive display of offense – only to not close the door when we should have. The Packers are kind of like a closer in baseball who comes in and almost always gets the save, but allows a few late runs that make fans nervous.
  • Woodson’s picks were huge. Those really helped us maintain our lead and I think they both rattled Ponder a bit. Just veteran savvy picks – nice to see.
  • Mason Crosby has been outstanding this year. That 58 yarder was something to see – he cleared the post by 7-10 yards it seemed to me. Just a bomb of a kick. We really needed those FGs today and he delivered. It may have taken a few years, but he really seems to be coming into his own (a questionable expression I must say). He was a big part of the victory today.
  • Desmond Bishop may have had the tackle of the year chasing down Peterson in the 2nd half. That was pure effort. It wouldn’t figure to be a close foot race but Bishop didn’t give up and he finally dragged Peterson down. Great tackle (that may have saved a TD…I believe they kicked a FG on that drive).
  • Once again, the playcalling of McCarthy/Rodgers and their overall coordination of offense remains impressive. They have the ability to just take over games and destroy the momentum of other teams. After Ponder’s great first pass and their subsequent TD, it looked like the Pack could be in for trouble. But Rodgers and co marched all the way down the field clearly showing our offense was going to be tough to deal with. Yes, MN held us mostly after that TD (to make it 7-7), but they couldn’t hold in the second half. The offense is just too good.
  • One of the keys to the game was the Pack’s drive at the end of the first half to get us a FG. I can’t remember how much time was left on the clock (1min 25sec?) but it wasn’t much. We got down the field fast and got a much-needed 3 points. Well done – I’m glad we didn’t go into a prevent offense like lots of teams do (think Cowboys last weekend at NE).
  • Tramon Williams played 2 very different halves. He was awful in the first half. As bad as I’ve seen him play in a while. And in the second half, he was aggressive/disruptive breaking up plays. We need him to return to his normal shut-down self. We’re not there yet.
  • Jarrett Bush once again had some nice plays. For a guy who was constantly maligned as a younger player, he has really turned into a decent nickel/dime guy.
  • Though Newhouse allowed Allen to get through for a couple early sacks, he was better in the second half. I noticed he got some help here and there from Quarless and others, but he was better in the second half. That’s a tough assignment at Minnesota against Allen.
  • Brian Robison is an idiot. That kick of Lang to the nuts was something he should have been ejected for. Idiot.
  • And you thought Crosby was the only special teamer who was on today? Tim Masthay kicked 3 times for an AVERAGE of 55.3 yards, a long of 65 yards – with all 3 punts landing inside the Vikes’ 20 yard line. Huge game for him – quietly huge.
  • Speaking of special teams, I like that Cobb redeemed himself after his two initial screw-ups. He was solid back there after that.
  • All in all, a nice victory for the Packers in a hostile place. Yes our defense is going to have to work on some things so that we aren’t so reliant on our offense for victories. But we are 7-0 heading into the bye week and we look very good out there. Again while there are things to work on (the defense, figuring out how to finish games earlier, the running game…though Starks finished the game with authority), I think this team is on the right path and looking really good.

Starks ices the game

October 23, 2011

Wow – I didn’t like that call there. I wanted Rodgers to throw it. But still, Starks was fantastic there. Nice win.


Starks very conscious re staying inbounds

October 23, 2011

Great runs there by Starks.

Vikes fans should be ticked about punting there

October 23, 2011

Wow. I know it was 4th and 10 but Ponder had been really good on 3rd and long already today. You don’t put the game in Rodgers’ hands if you can help it.

Massive offensive pass interference

October 23, 2011

That would have made a difference too because it would have been an even longer 3rd down attempt.

Terrible decision here by Minnesota. You go for it.

Ponder looks really good

October 23, 2011

Some of the passes he’s thrown have been really good today. Our defense is definitely nothing to write home about but Ponder has made some big plays today.

Peprah having major helmet troubles

October 23, 2011

He’s lost his helmet 3 times today.