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Jenkins not going to Redskins

July 28, 2011

I heard that what happened was Daniel Snyder came running into the room at the last minute and said “while I’m attracted to the fact that Jenkins will cost a lot, I’m concerned he may actually be a quality free agent acquisition – let’s not do it”.



Redskins close to deal with Jenkins

July 28, 2011

Read here from PFT. A loss certainly for the Pack, but this was expected. I wish Jenkins well – good player, good guy.

A fast and furious free agent frenzy?

June 28, 2011

Check out this link of potential free agents. Assuming a deal is reached soon here, there is a strong possibility that there will be a fast and furious free agent frenzy soon. So, start thinking about which players might appeal to the Packers. Even though TT doesn’t often dive into the free agency frenzy, for some reason this year, I wonder if he might. There are some quality players on this list and I’m guessing there are others Prisco doesn’t even list. (By the way, I disagree with Prisco’s order here. Unless he knows re injuries or something the order is off.)

Here are the guys that caught my eye:

  • Charles Johnson, DE Carolina – if we don’t keep Jenkins which it seems like we won’t, Johnson would be a huge acquisition
  • Zach Miller, TE Oakland – imagine Miller and Finley at TE, with our WRs and RBs and Rodgers
  • Paul Posluszney, LB Buff – seems like a TT kind of guy
  • Ahmad Bradshaw, RB Giants – bet Giants re-sign him, but picking him up would make us ridiculous offensively
  • DeAngelo Williams, RB Carolina – could be lots of competition for he and Bradshaw, but landing either one would nicely supplement our backfield
  • Justin Blalock, G Atlanta – Blalock could add some nice depth to our O-Line and depending on the Colledge sitution, could possibly start
  • Stephen Tulloch, LB Tenn – this guy is a monster and will have an immediate impact on whichever team he goes to
  • Ike Taylor, CB Pitt – doubt he’ll get to the market, but if he does he is a high quality cover corner; though the Pack acquiring him is highly doubtful unless Capers is preferring to switch Woodson to safety now
  • Santana Moss, WR Redskins – though he’s likely to get scooped up pretty quickly, he would be an amazing fit on the Packers as anyone but the #1 WR. He has been so limited in Wash by a lack of WR support that if he played for a team deep at WR like the Pack, he could be a headache for opposing teams.
  • Steve Smith, WR Giants – like lots of the guys above, he’s likely to be expensive or unavailable (though I’m not aware of how extensive his injury issues are presently). But this guy is a very good player who could make a difference for this team.

Again, while TT will most likely wait for the big names to be overpaid, there are some guys on this list whom I believe would be worth paying decent cash for. One of the greatest challenges in sports is making a great team better. This involves some degree of risk taking and I’m hoping we can snag a couple players (on this list or not) who can positively influence games for us.