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Cheese Jerky – great idea

March 30, 2011

Ever tried cheese jerky? Read here from jsonline about a product made here in Wisconsin that is gaining lots of attention nationally. I’m a little surprised it took so long for someone (especially in Wisconsin) to come out with a product like this – and I’m a little frustrated that I didn’t think of it.

Check out the website. Nicely done Ross Segel.


Jolly can’t leave the codeine alone

March 25, 2011

Thanks Nick for bringing this to my attention. Wow. Jolly busted again. Not sure about the rules and regs for this, but my guess is he’ll definitely be done now with the Packers and likely football too. Sad.



Proof that dictators have total power…

March 23, 2011

Check out this picture from’s run down of dictators (non middle east dictators). Seems this Karimov guy, all hopped up on his power, told the soldiers they needed to put the metal gun ending piece thing…in a nostril. I don’t know much about military protocol, but I’m pretty sure this is just a cruel dictatorial demand.


Jordy Nelson’s softer side

March 22, 2011

Check out this TV ad that is making the rounds again (originally aired by Jordy was still at K State). Saw this posted here at jsonline.

Interesting summary of Pack’s season

March 16, 2011

Read here. Thanks Nik for sending us this link. This is interesting. I agree with the assessment for the most part though there were a couple things that don’t seem accurate. First of all, while we won the Super Bowl and we’re the greatest team ever (that’s disclaimed now, out of the way), I would argue that we often did NOT keep defenses honest “enough” with our run game until the last few games with James Starks. Throughout the season, part of the problem on offense was that defenses weren’t fooled much by our token running game. And much of this was due to the fact that our coach had little confidence in his weak starting RB option. In fact, I would argue (agreeing with Benoit) that it was often Rodgers’ sense (and McCarthy’s sense) of what to do on the field before and during each play that pulled us through the season offensively.  I also do not associate “quickness” with James Jones. I think he gets separation at times because of his strength at the line, at times because he can run the occasional crisp route and at other times because he was just going up against a #3 CB or a LB. (I do still agree though that Jones, as annoying and untimely as his drops were, was very much an asset to this team.)

Still hard to believe we actually won the Super Bowl.

If governors and the president truly want to cut the budget…

March 15, 2011

I’d suggest they start by reducing the number of pens they use to sign bills with.

Eucalyptus flavored cough drops

March 15, 2011

On the front of my Walgreens brand cough drops, I noticed these words, printed in big bold letters: Eucalyptus Flavored. Are they marketing to koala bears?


Letter from Roger Goodell

March 15, 2011

Thanks to Schaef for sending this. Interesting. I’m one of those saying – just get this done. Figure it out.


Message body

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National Football League
Dear NFL Fan,

When I wrote to you last on behalf of the NFL, we promised you that we would work tirelessly to find a collectively bargained solution to our differences with the players’ union. Subsequent to that letter to you, we agreed that the fastest way to a fair agreement was for everyone to work together through a mediation process. For the last three weeks I have personally attended every session of mediation, which is a process our clubs sincerely believe in.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that earlier today the players’ union walked away from mediation and collective bargaining and has initiated litigation against the clubs. In an effort to get a fair agreement now, our clubs offered a deal today that was, among other things, designed to have no adverse financial impact on veteran players in the early years, and would have met the players’ financial demands in the latter years of the agreement.

The proposal we made included an offer to narrow the player compensation gap that existed in the negotiations by splitting the difference; guarantee a reallocation of savings from first-round rookies to veterans and retirees without negatively affecting compensation for rounds 2-7; no compensation reduction for veterans; implement new year-round health and safety rules; retain the current 16-4 season format for at least two years with any subsequent changes subject to the approval of the league and union; and establish a new legacy fund for retired players ($82 million contributed by the owners over the next two years).

It was a deal that offered compromise, and would have ensured the well-being of our players and guaranteed the long-term future for the fans of the great game we all love so much. It was a deal where everyone would prosper.

We remain committed to collective bargaining and the federal mediation process until an agreement is reached, and call on the union to return to negotiations immediately. NFL players, clubs, and fans want an agreement. The only place it can be reached is at the bargaining table.

While we are disappointed with the union’s actions, we remain steadfastly committed to reaching an agreement that serves the best interest of NFL players, clubs and fans, and thank you for your continued support of our League. First and foremost it is your passion for the game that drives us all, and we will not lose sight of this as we continue to work for a deal that works for everyone.

Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell - Commissioner

McCarthy and Peprah re-signed

March 5, 2011

Funny that if I don’t put the hyphen in the word above, it has a totally different meaning.

Both guys deserve it (Peprah led the Packers in tackles in the Super Bowl…stepped up big-time this year).

Barnett to be shopped?

March 3, 2011

Read here from – reliable source indicating Barnett to be traded or released. This wouldn’t surprise me much. I have wondered a bit for a while now if TT hasn’t been keen on Barnett – like Barnett doesn’t fit the mold character-wise. I have definitely appreciated what Barnett has done for this team and the effort he regularly brought. But the most important factor, his play, has seriously declined since his knee injury. Even in decline, he wasn’t BAD, but he certainly is not the player he was. (Not even mentioning the injury issues…) All of this would lead me to not being surprised if he’s not a Packer next year. I had held out some thought that he could compete at OLB, but with Walden, Chillar, maybe Zombo (and likely a draft pick…pretty sure we’ll be drafting for this position), we’re probably going to be fine.