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Packers sign Ted Thompson to contract extension

July 30, 2014

Read here. Thoughts on this? Excited about this or not so much?

For many, I’m guessing the thought is that this is a no-brainer (…and perhaps a bit surprising as there had been rumors over the last year that he was getting ready to hang it up). After all, as the article indicates we’ve been to the playoffs 5 straight years and he has a Super Bowl. That certainly sounds like a good case for extending a GM especially in today’s NFL. However, I don’t know if that record really reflects how the team has done under TT.

Despite making the playoffs a bunch – which absolutely counts for something even if we squeaked in a few times – the Packers only did real DAMAGE in the playoffs once in the TT era: 2010, the Super Bowl year. Setting aside the 4 playoff wins in the Super Bowl year, the Packers playoff record under TT is an iffy 2-5, with the two victories coming against the toothless 2008 Seahawks and the hapless 2012 Vikings. While nobody can take the Super Bowl or the general winning culture he’s helped re-establish away for sure – and those things are huge – I don’t think it’s a stretch to question whether he’s making shrewd enough moves each year to fill our roster with guys that can take us deep into the playoffs. He goes overboard with his reliance on draft picks and I think there have been several playoff years that were cut short in good part because we didn’t have the veteran leadership and presence needed on the field at critical moments.

So, if I were the one to decide whether or not TT should be extended, what would I say? I probably would have waited until after this season to extend him. His contract wasn’t set to expire until after the 2015 season (I believe) so there wasn’t that big of a hurry. And while I do think extending TT is something that should have been on the table starting this year, the ultimate decision to extend him should have been made after this year in good part so we could see how the team does – especially in the playoffs. A deep playoff run and I’d give him a significant bonus/extension in part because I’d be so pleased with him for drifting from his “draft picks only” philosophy and scooping up Julius Peppers. But a playoff miss or another playoff dud and I’d consider waiting until his contract expires after the 2015 season or not extending him at all. I know many would say “well it’s cheaper to tie him down now” than it would be after a strong playoff run. Probably right – but if the team pukes it this year I’m not entirely sure having TT there longer-term is the best idea.


Packers Sign Nelson to New Contract

July 26, 2014

This is good news. I have read plenty of comments by pundits talking about Nelson’s true value to the Packers over the last few weeks. The opinions range from Nelson being one of the more underrated players in the league to Nelson just being a lucky product of a fantastic system. While the truth usually lies somewhere in between – in this case I think Jordy falls more on the underrated player side. Nelson is a very solid WR. He can make the difficult work-man like plays over the middle but he can also make spectacular one-on-one catches over and around CBs – even #1 CBs. And I think the truth is that Nelson would be a very good player for just about any team in this league. This is a great move by the Packers. Nicely done TT.

Fantastic Frank Caliendo NFL impressions

July 25, 2014

Check out this video – hilarious.

Packers to go after Andre Johnson?

July 10, 2014

Just starting a rumor of course. Read here. This has been going on for a while now, but Johnson continues to try to force himself out of Houston. Wow, would it be awesome if he somehow landed on the Packers. (I know, I know, not even on TT’s radar – but it’s fun to think about anyway.) With Lacy, Andre Johnson, Nelson, Cobb and possibly Finley – and of course Rodgers – the offense would be completely unstoppable. Honestly how would a defense account for all 5 of those skill players – impossible. Our defense could give up 40 points a game and the team would still be undefeated. (Though I do expect the D to be much better with Peppers opposite Matthews now). And of course he would also be the kind of high character/veteran leader guy that would fit well in the present Packer locker room. I know he’d be expensive but I believe we have some cap space.


What should Packers do with Jermichael Finley?

July 10, 2014

I’ve been reading a fair amount about the Jermichael Finley situation in recent weeks. I feel badly for the guy frankly as he was due for a huge payday if he hadn’t gotten injured. Now it will obviously be difficult for him to command a huge salary. But that’s good news for the Packers. As other teams continue to be reluctant to go after him (despite having been medically cleared to play by his doctor), I think the Packers find themselves in a good position here. Though they need to be careful not to wait too much longer. Of course, first Packers’ MDs need to determine that he can play – but then I think the team should start having serious discussions with Finley and his agent right away because if he can return to even part of what he was before, the Packers could get a quality TE at a huge discount. If the Packers had great options lined up behind Finley I might feel differently. And while I think Bostick and Richard Rodgers definitely have potential (I’m not big on Quarless), Finley knows the system, has a good rapport with Rodgers and could step on the field and contribute immediately (again, assuming he’s cleared to play by Packers’ MDs).

I say take the gamble. Your take?