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Tausch re-signs

March 14, 2010

Good news. I’m glad that he was re-signed. I think re-signing him was actually more important that re-signing Clifton. I realize Clifton is blind-side etc, and most people regard left tackle as one of the most important positions on the field. I think we would have missed Tausch at RT more than we would have missed Clifton at LT this coming year – in part because I think Lang may be the guy at LT pretty soon. I also think Clifton is not much better than average at this point in part because I really wonder re his run blocking ability anymore. But Tauscher’s absence and then presence last year pretty clearly showed that we’re not ready to move on to some younger dude at RT yet (and that Tausch still plays at a high level).

Collins/Pickett signed

March 12, 2010

Thanks Travis for alerting us to this. Collins will get $14 million in 2010. Bet he’s partying pretty hard at the moment. Pickett was also extended, and he’ll get $10 million 2010 – $28 million overall for 4 years. Bet he’s eating too much at the moment.

Don’t forget to pack the cheese

March 9, 2010

Read this story about a GM plant worker from Janesville. Sad, but great ending to the story.

Kampman a Jaguar

March 7, 2010

Read here from Bedard/jsonline. Aaron Kampman is no longer a Packer. Part of me is sad that he’s gone. I really liked Aaron Kampman and what he stood for as an athlete in and out of football. He was by all accounts a super decent guy and I’m always left with a feeling of loss when a good character guy leaves the family.

But I have to admit, Steve and I had called for his trade last year – we could have gotten more than the likely compensatory pick we’ll get for him now. I just don’t think he would have been able to contribute a whole lot this coming year as a LB (though he might have helped in hybrid 4-3 or 4-4 line-ups up on the line).

I hope for his sake that Kampman tears it up down in Jacksonville.

No ceiling, no floor

March 4, 2010

Not only will there be no salary cap, but there is no salary minimum either. Will Tight Ted Thompson strive to have the league’s smallest payroll? Hope not.

Brandon Marshall to the Packers?

March 4, 2010

Ok, we’re starting a rumor here. But both Brother Steve and I agree adding Marshall could be a huge plus. I’ve been borderline obnoxious re my desire to pick up a physically big WR over the years (even as recently as last year lobbying for Boldin), so it’s no surprise that I would lobby for Marshall. But he’s not just big, he is fast and has great hands (anyone see that Denver/Indy game last year when he broke the NFL record with 22 receptions)? Given our (brother Steve and I) obsession with the importance of creating mismatches for opposing defenses, it’s hard not to seriously consider Marshall. A WR group of Marshall, Jennings, Driver, Jones and Nelson would be out of control. Throw Finley in there and it wouldn’t matter if we had another weak pass-protecting O-Line because Rodgers would only need 1 second to just chuck it in the air and we’d have a TD on every play.

But what about Marshall’s attitude? Sure, I do believe he has a couple NFL discipline strikes against him already that makes him risky. But one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these guys have issues like this earlier in their careers (think Randy Moss) and eventually they settle down and get busy trying to be the best. And, I think last year, while Marshall was being a bit of a wanker, the situation wasn’t helped by Josh McDaniels whose abrasive style may not wear well in Denver long term. But what about the likelihood that he’ll demand a massive contract? Concerning yes, but if the Pack were smart, as Brother Steve has suggested, they would consider making a bit of a splash now assuming things go uncapped, by securing the guys we feel will be contributors for the long haul (re-up Rodgers, sign Marshall, sign Collins, etc). Even if it requires spending more than we’d otherwise want to, it may be smart long-term investment-wise.

But again, the biggest reason we’re actually serious about this is because of the match-ups. Just think about it. Honestly, with Finley in there and maybe a more established threat to throw to RBs, defenses would have no chance. None.

Kapinos pissed, Colledge wanted franchise tag?

March 4, 2010

I apologize for the absence. I’ve been on vacation (in Arizona) and otherwise pretty busy. Also, not a whole lot going on in the NFL. (Though with free agency starting and the draft around the corner, I’m starting to tune in a bit more.)

Have read recently at jsonline and PFT that Jeremy Kapinos feels like he’s the scapegoat for the not-so-stellar net punting stats because the Pack did not opt to offer him a tender. He may have a point sort of, but he’s also not that critical to the team at this time. I’m not sure I would have offered him a tender either, but I have to admit, he did have some big punts down the stretch last season which made me wonder if he might be improving. But even if we tendered him and essentially thought of him as the starter going into next season, we’d need some good competition for him.

Colledge apparently is all worked up about being given a second round tender. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand what he expected. Read here from Bedard.

He isn’t that good and as PFT notes, and as Bedard notes I’d also be surprised if he were pursued by any other teams. It’s funny, watching a number of interviews over the years with Colledge, I get the impression that he is one of those guys who views himself as far more valuable to the team than most people think. Not saying he’s a jerk or anything, but he just seems too comfortable and he just acts too secure with his place on the team.