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Should the Packers trade up for Clowney?

February 24, 2014

I have been wondering about this now for a while. But when I read today here that Clowney posted an unofficial 40 time of 4.47 –  a positively absurd time for someone who weighs 266 lbs – I’m starting to think that making a super aggressive play for him might be a smart move. We’ll have the cap space and we can give up a few draft picks. We’d also be protected a bit by the contract limitations the NFL placed a few years ago on draft picks. I think his presence in our lineup would have the potential to change our defense from one of the worst to top 5. Lined up opposite Matthews (if Matthews is healthy…becoming a big if anymore), opposing QBs would suddenly have very little time to make decisions. If we learned one thing from last season it’s that defense still matters – and consistent pressure on QBs is something that the great defenses of last year did exceptionally well (San Fran, Seattle). Another quiet factor with Clowney is that with that kind of speed and some good coaching, he might be able to offer coverage skills that we lack from our front 7.