Jenkins not going to Redskins


I heard that what happened was Daniel Snyder came running into the room at the last minute and said “while I’m attracted to the fact that Jenkins will cost a lot, I’m concerned he may actually be a quality free agent acquisition – let’s not do it”.



10 Responses to “Jenkins not going to Redskins”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Note to all GM’s….do exactly the opposite of Daniel Snyder.

    In other news, what the hell is going on in Chicago?

    1. They traded Olsen today leaving Cutler with two lumbering blocking tight-ends. His only target is Knox and Hester. Neither are #1 WR’s in this league. Not that Olsen was a key target in a Martz offense but he was one of the few weapons Cutler had among the worst WR/TE group in the league.

    2. Forte is considering not reporting to camp until he gets a new contract. I think he reports but they almost have to save some cap room to give him a new deal during the season or risk losing him.

    3. Their best offensive lineman (Kreutz) is a free agent but was expected to re-sign with the Bears. His agent said today they were disappointed in the Bear’s offer and apparently the 49ers are making a run at him. In the least, it is now going to cost them more $ to retain the guy.

    They were 30th in the league last year in yards per game… does any of this make them better?

  2. Joe Says:

    Davek – what makes you think the Bears’ front office has any idea how to make a team better? This is exactly what I would expect.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Agreed Joe – I have long questioned the front office moves by the Bears. And now, they’ve just picked up Roy Williams. Not sure what they’re shelling out for him, but he has looked so slow the last couple years in Dallas (which is a fast field, by the way). He can make some tough catches, but they needed a high-profile, big-time WR, not a retread who is clearly slowing down.

    It’s fun to watch. Interestingly, I am growing more concerned about the Vikes – and have been quite concerned about the Lions. I’ll release season picks in a few weeks, but right now I’m thinking the Bears may bring up the rear.

  4. Joe Says:

    Bears have signed Roy Williams. Big gamble in potential but if it hits, it will hit big.

  5. DaveK Says:

    Roy Williams wasn’t that good when he was good and he has been terrible the last two years. He caught 37 passes last year. In 2009 he caught 38. Plus he is injury prone. Plus, he is stupid. He mailed a $75,000 engagement ring in the mail. She said no to his video proposal and then he had to sue her to get the ring back. But, what the hell, Mike Martz coached him before so it must be a good signing.

    They signed another Cowboy WR also today. Sam Hurd. He caught 14 balls in 2010 in 15 games and 7 balls the year before in 16 games. Nice…

  6. Travis Says:

    Philly lands Cullen.. This is crazy, Eagles have got nuts.

  7. Ace Says:

    Packers are going to be thin depthwise. B. Jackson, Colledge, Spitz, Jenkins, chillar, Barnett, Poppinga all gone, possibly Hall and Jones. A price to be paid for winning the Super Bowl (and so many injuries last year).

  8. 56Coop Says:

    Well, this is good news

  9. Travis Says:

    keeping the weapons around Rodgers. We haven’t lost any, in fact we gained weapons.

    With Finley and Grant returning, And drafting Cobb and Alex Green. And being able to keep James Jones.

    Jennings Jordy Driver Jones Cobb Finley Grant Starks Green.

    Great news.

  10. Dave in Tucson Says:

    More good news: Barnett doesn’t go to the Lions:

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