James Jones re-signs with Packers


Read here. I know a number of you have weighed in on the Jones situation – some for trying to retain and others ready to see Jones and his drops go. I’ll say it again – I’m glad we kept him. I think Jones is a good WR and I think this mostly for an odd reason – he moves weird. I mentioned this last year in a post – but the way Jones moves his body before and after the catch is really unusual. It’s hard to put my finger on it but there is something about his movement that I think makes it hard for defenders to figure out what he’s doing. With the addition of Cobb and DJ Williams, Finley being back, and of course Jennings, Drive and Nelson – Rodgers has the weapons he needs.

The passing game won’t be the issue this year.

13 Responses to “James Jones re-signs with Packers”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    John Kuhn also signs a 3-year deal to return: http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/sports/126486858.html

    Let’s see. According to the list of Packers’ free agents, that leaves DB Atari Bigby, DB Anthony Smith, CB Josh Bell, and LB Matt Wilhelm unsigned.

    Whatever happened to Bigby? He used to be pretty good. I saw a picture RB Alex Green wearing #20, though, so I guess the Packers don’t plan to bring Bigby back…

  2. Scott L Says:

    Kuhn has been resigned today too. 3 yr deal

  3. DaveK Says:

    I will be very interested to see what price the Packer’s paid to get Jones back. I’m guessing a number of things allowed TT too sign Jones at his price:

    1. A plethora of veteran WR’s on the market. TT probably had a offer on the table and other teams had better value options for comparable talent then for what TT was offering.

    2. TT was willing to offer a three year deal. That gives Jones a shot at another big contract.

    3. Jones was willing to give the Packers a bit of a home town discount. He really is tight with Jennings and Rodgers and I’m guessing the chance to stay in a system he knows with guys he loves was worth giving up some short term money. He probably feels he’ll get more $ in his next deal catching balls from Rodgers opposite Jennings then if he joined that mess up in MN or played for the run first Jets. Those seemed to be the two other teams most interested.

    One thing I know is that TT put a value on Jones and didn’t pay a penny more. I’m sure he is happy Jones’ price came down enough to get a deal done.

    Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Cobb, and Jones. That is quite a WR group. Throw in Finley and that is just a bunch of weapons. With Grant back, Starks making his 2nd year jump from a darn playoff run, and the rookie Green you could also have a much improved back field that featured Kuhn as the feature back for 3-4 games last year. Cobb also should improve starting field position which helps the offense also also the defense who was a top-5 unit last year. If this offensive line can stay healthy and keep Rodgers healthy there is no reason this team shouldn’t score 30 points a game.

    Yeah, I am freaking geeked up for this season! I think the Packers have a window of opportunity in the next 3-5 years to add multiple Lombardi’s to the trophy case.

  4. Joe Says:

    I am glad Jones is back. I am not glad to read that Rodgers apparently got himself involved. The linked article makes it sound like he was pretty actively pressing TT to bring JJ back. I don’t mind if a player wants to put his two cents in behind the scenes but I don’t want to see a player get too invested in the decisions. And I certainly don’t want to read statements in the press. Not their job and not good for the team.

    Again, glad to see James Jones back but he better not be making anything close to what Jenkins got from Philly. D-line is a bigger need than WR for this team. Jenkins got 5 million a year and it was reported that he offered to take less to stay in GB. So Jones better be under 4 million a year.

  5. awhayes Says:

    I too am interested to see the terms of Jones’ deal (as well as the terms for Kuhn). I could see some folks being ticked if between Kuhn and Jones, the Pack paid more than the $5 million Jenkins will be getting – considering Jenkins was at a higher need position. Though I do think it’s possible that TT thinks Jenkins may have been on the decline anyway and that someone like Mike Neal is ready to step up. In fact, as important as Jenkins was to us down the stretch, I’m pretty sure that was TT’s take on Jenkins because it seems like he didn’t both initiating any contract talks.

    I also hope that Rodgers was not Favre-like in his lobbying for a player.

    Meanwhile, watch out for Philly. They were already good – now they will be really tough to beat.

  6. DaveK Says:

    Top FB’s make about $3 million per year. Kuhn’s agent said the deal would make Kuhn one of the top paid FB’s in the league. I guess they like Kuhn’s versatility. He can play RB in a pinch and a good special teamer. But, $3 million per year for Kuhn if that is the # would surprise me. I’m hoping Kuhn’s agent is exaggerating a bit and the contract is the $2-$2.5 million range.

    Jones will get at least $3 million per year. So yes, between the Jones and Kuhn contracts they would have had more then enough to resign Jenkins. It just seems they never had any interest in resigning Jenkins. You just can’t resign all these guys and his age, injury history, Mike Neal, position in the 3-4 just doesn’t justify $5 million per year that the 4-3 defensive teams were willing to pay him.

  7. Packers Blog Roundup: Nick Barnett Signs With Bills | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] Additional commentary on James Jones come from Lombardi Ave., Acme Packing Company and packergeeks. […]

  8. Joe Says:

    I’m not sure I would hitch my wagon to Neal just yet. He has looked fantastic at times but what we have seen is a pretty limited sample.

    If Jones is getting 3 million and Kuhn is getting 3 million it seems like it might have been possible to keep Jones and Jenkins. I love Kuhn but finding a fullback for our system is not that hard to do.

  9. CindyV Says:

    Randy Moss retired today. One less receiver to worry about.

  10. Higsby Says:

    Loosing multiple receivers for multiple games, if not an entire season, is not unusual. So having Jones gives us an excellent insurance policy via additional depth. Can’t be unhappy about that.

  11. RayMidge Says:

    Funny, I had the opposite reaction to Rodgers’ lobbying- I thought it would only serve to increase his stature on the team and increase the cohesion of the offense.

    The NFL is a passing efficiency league these days. Jones and Kuhn, along with the rest of the weapons, help maintain the strength of this team. The only way in which this offense is potentially weaker than last year is third-down blitz pickup. so many big plays come from protecting the QB in those situations and Brandon Jackson did a great job at that and the screen game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kuhn fill that role if Alex Green isn’t up to it right away.

    As for Jenkins, I think that TT simply decided it was time to move on from Jenkins at any price. He looked at age, position depth and injury history and made up his mind. I hate to see him go, especially because he was a guy we watched grow from an undrafted FA into a difference maker. Neal has to prove he can stay healthy, but the DL as a whole played great last year even without Jenkins and Neal for long stretches. A full year of Howard Green, another year of experience for CJ Wilson and BJ Raji, and another potential late-round contributor in Guy are as much a part of this decision as Neal. I think we may even see a late FA signing as the market slows down and TT likes the price of someone we’re not even thinking of. Would also like to see a vet LB with Chillar-esque skills brought in through FA.

  12. DaveK Says:

    My hunch was correct. The Kuhn contract was not the $3 million per year that his agent was touting. (Why do we ever listen to player agents?) It averages $2.5 million per year. Only $2 million is guaranteed and a good chunk of each year’s salary is tied up in per game roster bonuses and workout bonuses. So, the Packers are protected if he gets hurt or they cut him after this season.

    No word yet on Jones contract numbers. I’ll post when I see something.

  13. DaveK Says:

    Jones contract: three year deal worth $9.4 million and includes $3.75 million in first-year pay. So, about $3.1 million a year. Very Packer friendly deal in my opinion. Maybe Jones took a home town discount but I’m surprised the Vikings or Bears wouldn’t pay more then that for Jones.

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