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Game Thoughts Packers/Rams

October 11, 2015
  • Not a great game for the Packers. They did win and won against the kind of team that will play good teams tough likely for the rest of the season.So in a way it is still a good victory.
  • But the Packers were not prepared well offensively for this game – at all. For an offense as powerful as our offense, this was a shocking display really. It wasn’t until the last couple minutes when Rodgers threw to Rodgers for a naked kind of TE screen of sorts that the offense got “creative”. That was a great play call at a great moment but outside of that there were very few good play calls. And more worrisome, was what seemed like a complete lack of preparation for the kinds of looks the Rams D would give to us.
  • Frustrating that the Pack couldn’t establish any sort of running game. I think that’s a good part of the reason our WRs were never open – as the Rams were stopping the run with just 6 defenders usually.
  • Aaron Rodgers had his worst game in years. He had 1 pick (and no, that second one shouldn’t have counted), and a careless fumble. He was standing back there all day and while he did have a few nice scrambles and runs he also held the ball too long and just didn’t look like himself. He also seemed a bit mentally checked out, like he had a 3:40 tee time or something. Just not a great game for Rodgers. he did make good throws on James Jones awesome TD and the first drive was good – but outside of that, not a great day for the NFL’s best player.
  • I am growing more and more concerned that our WRs just aren’t that good at getting open. Cobb seemed to have slowed down or something this year (not nearly as quick), Jones already was slow, Richard Rodgers is incredibly slow – leaving just Montgomery, who had a great game, but is not particularly fast/quick.
  • Montgomery had a good game. I can see the comparisons between he and Greg Jennings. He seems to run routes well and starting today, he seems pretty hungry to run after the catch. But the thing I noticed most today was his strength. On 2 occasions, he just threw a defender down. Impressive. He could be a good one.
  • This defense is really good. I am not surprised Matthews thinks it’s the best defensive group he’s ever played with. This group is impressive. Capers (and McCarthy?) is on his game big-time this year. He is calling great play calls and mixing things in that seem to match well with the weaknesses of the opposing offenses. The pressure we’re getting on the QB makes a huge difference. Just so hard to pass on us because of that.
  • The offensive line and Eddie Lacy had poor games. Lacy did absolutely nothing today. Part of it appeared to be Lacy not running with his characteristic reckless abandon and the other part was him having virtually no holes to run through. The Packers O-Line has been decent this season so far so it was interesting to see them pretty much offer up nothing today. This is going to have to improve especially when we play teams with more offensive fire power – that will make us pay.
  • What a game by Rollins! He was fantastic. Both he and Randall are going to be very good. TT has a real talent for picking WRs and DBs. Rollins could be special though. He just looks ready out there.
  • Matthews continues to look like an MVP type player out there. Not just the sacks, but the QB pressures, the run defense and being absolutely all over the place. What a HUGE difference between having Matthews as the feature guy in the middle instead of Hawk.
  • But the most dominant player may have been Mike Daniels. He is having a Pro Bowl type season. But today he was unstoppable.
  • Tim Masthay did have a couple decent kicks today. Janis messed up that one by the goal-line but Masthay also had another great punt at the end of the game that eliminated the threat of Tavon Austin.
  • The Chargers are an iffy team with an iffy defense but if Rivers gets on a roll, and Melvin Gordon a threat to break one every time he touches it, this could be a tough game.

Rodgers just looks out of it

October 11, 2015

He seemed so dialed in on the first drive but it’s as though he and the offense only game planned for the first drive – and then they just figured the game would be over or something. Fortunately the defense has essentially made it play out like that but the offense needs some real work. Very concerning is also the fact that our WRs just don’t seem to be getting open at all.

Starks was tackled on that play – before the ball got there

October 11, 2015

Defense just awesome –

October 11, 2015

Gurley will hurt other teams too but we have made things a nightmare for Foles. Just huge that defense is playing this well. If we were playing a more explosive offense this is the kind of game we could have lost.

This game should have been over early on

October 11, 2015

Yet we’ve allowed the Rams to just stay in it. I can’t say enough about how bad our offensive game plan has been. And Rodgers execution has been alarmingly bad. It’s like he has a 3:40 tee time he’s been thinking about all day.

One of the worst offensive game plan by Packers in years

October 11, 2015

This is unbelievable. The Rams D is good but this is ridiculous.

Wow – horrible

October 11, 2015

Rodgers not on his game today. But I think that’s mostly because of a great defensive game plan by the Rams and a poor offensive game plan by the Packers.

Raji injury hurts

October 11, 2015

Today is not a good day for the Packers.


October 11, 2015

Why didn’t people go after the punter there? The D was all just standing around.

Packers offense is just weak today

October 11, 2015

There have been a handful of good plays but for the most part there has been no rhythm for this offense. Completely abandoning the run may not be a good idea (11 rushes to 28 drop backs presently) here. We haven’t established the run or even let it be a threat at all today – making pass coverage a lot easier.


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