Jordy Nelson’s softer side


Check out this TV ad that is making the rounds again (originally aired by Jordy was still at K State). Saw this posted here at jsonline.

4 Responses to “Jordy Nelson’s softer side”

  1. Nick Says:

    NFL just changed a few rules:

    Kickoffs now from the 35 instead of the 30
    Touchback point is still 20 (proposal was 25)
    All scoring plays will be confirmed by replay
    coaches are not charged a challenge for those replays

    all in all – I think its good for the Packers. We had a very spotty kick coverage team, and with the move forwards, Mason should get it into the end zone more frequently for touchbacks. I’m all for that! No more extreme nervousness at every kick!

    Also, this hurts the Bears quite a bit with Hester. Between kicking a punt out of bounds and more touchbacks, a team can virtually neutralize him with solid and consistent kicking.

    • Paul Says:

      Kicking off from the 35 is apparently a move designed to help prevent injuries on kickoff returns. Can replacing punts with place kicks be far behind?

      • Nick Says:

        I hope not. I feel like that would be too radical of a change to happen…but you never know…

  2. Nick Says:

    Also – didnt realize Jordy lived at Thornberry Golf Course in GB. That actually looks like AJ Hawks old house.

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