Packer Playoff Picture


Here is a good review of the playoff picture for the NFC from PF:

6. Green Bay (9-6): The Packers are in with a win next week against the Bears.  They could also get in with a loss IF the Giants and Bucs lost next week.  The Packers hold strength of victory tiebreaks in the event of a three-way tie.  They beat the Giants Sunday, so obviously have the head-to-head tiebreak. Essentially, the Packers are first in line in the event of tiebreaks.

As noted a loss next week doesn’t necessarily ruin the chances of the Packers going to the playoffs. A Giants loss to Wash (in Wash) and a TB loss to the Saints (in New Orleans) would also put us through. I actually think it’s possible this happens the way things have been going for the Giants lately.

Obviously we don’t want to have to let it come down to what other teams do – we should focus on beating the crap out of the Bears. Problem is that the Bears have plenty to play for. If they beat us next week, Chicago would wrap up the #2 seed and a first round bye. They’d obviously prefer the bye to having to take on the Packers or Giants in the first round of the playoffs as the #3 seed. So, my guess is this game will be an all out affair. If we play like we did yesterday, we should be just fine.

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