Game Thoughts Packers/Giants

  • Very nice game – just a really nice game to watch.
  • Felt we were in control from the start.
  • The team was prepared for a big game and absolutely dominated. Mike McCarthy, as much as we rip on him from time to time, deserves some serious credit for having his team organized and ready to play.
  • Aaron Rodgers was outrageous. He had a QB rating of 139.9. He threw for 404 yards and completed over 67% of his passes. The play calling and the rhythm the offense had was so good that despite our tendency this year to melt in close games, when the Giants were lucky to tie it at 14, I was not really worried. Our offense was in high gear.
  • Our running game continues to be fairly questionable – yet somehow it managed to be reasonably effective today. Maybe it’s just Jackson, the other guys weren’t bad, but we just aren’t scary when we run the ball. Wonder what’s happened to Starks.
  • Kuhn was huge. He really is something – runs with determination you just don’t seem to see anymore. He’s the kind of guy who probably hates running out of bounds – the opposite of 99% of the skill players in the NFL nowadays who often seem to be angling for the boundaries to avoid getting hit.
  • No team would have beaten us today. Not one. The Giants aren’t the greatest but they’re good. No other NFL team would have beaten the Packers today.
  • What is especially amazing about this victory today is that we absolutely stuffed the #3 defense in the NFL. Their vaunted D-Line had 1 sack – yes some pressures, but nothing too difficult for Rodgers to manage. The Giants averaged giving up 290 yards per game coming into this match-up. We finished with 515.
  • Bishop had some quality plays again today. His tap back in of the ball as it was heading out on that fumble play was a savvy veteran kind of thing to do. Really smart and it kept the play alive. He should get an assist for that fumble recovery.
  • Matthews punch-from-behind was amazing. That is sheer football IQ right there. Some players (like Hawk) wouldn’t even think to try something like that. Matthews also had a few other decent plays on run plays – something he often just isn’t too involving with.
  • Woodson totally redeemed himself causing that Bradshaw fumble. That was ridiculous as he reached across his body to poke that out with his left hand. Ridiculous skills.
  • Shocking that we only had 1 sack tonight – Raji. We must have had 50 hurries then because Manning was under lots of pressure. Speaking of Raji – the guy is all over the place lately. He is pushing the pocket just like Suh for Detroit and it causes serious disruption for the opposing team’s passing game – many times tonight it seemed Eli didn’t have much of a pocket to throw out of as Raji busted it up.
  • What I really liked about this game was the fact that it was a game we had to win and we just went out and won it.  It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had a must win game that we’ve won. We came ready to play, and didn’t let up. One of the concerns I’ve had about the Pack – in fact Brother Steve and I were talking about it during the game – is the Packers apparent lack of a killer instinct in recent years. For most of McCarthy’s time here in fact, it seems we haven’t taken advantage of opportunities to destroy other teams. We often take the foot off the gas and let opponents creep back – sometimes even losing. Today, we kept our foot to the gas and didn’t stop until the end of the game – as best exemplified by AJ Hawk’s disappointment at not getting a pick with a minute left. The whole team kept playing hard through 60 minutes and it was a complete victory.
  • I do think sometimes that a team’s play can match the demeanor of the coach. McCarthy and Mike Sherman both seem/ed like nice guys who don’t/didn’t have a whole lot of nasty in them. Going by this theory, it’s not surprising that McCarthy and Mike Sherman seem to field teams without a killer instinct. Holmgren had it – because he had a nasty streak. Belichick, Parcells, Sean Payton, Todd Haley – these guys have it. But I’m wondering if all the negative talk after losses and all the explaining McCarthy has had to do, has sort of brought out a nastier side in McCarthy that frankly, seems to be paying dividends for the team. We almost (and should have) taken down the Pats in their home, and we just dismantled a quality Giants team. I hope his/our nasty streak continues.
  • We have to come ready to play next week. Even though there is a chance the Bears may not have much to play for – they will come to play. In fact, if they had nothing at all to play for, they would still start their starters and play them most of the game because Lovie Smith is borderline psychotic about this rivalry. They will want to come in and beat up on the Pack next week at Lambeau but there is no reason they should. There is no reason we should lose to the Bears next week – we are the better team overall.

6 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Giants”

  1. Jeff in Illinois Says:

    I have at times been among those ripping on MM this year. You have to admit, though, that this team has tremendous potential if they make the playoffs. I’m sure they’ll be favored over the Bears. The Pack took both the Pats and the Falcons down to the wire. There is not a team in the NFL that the Pack cannot match up with. I’m not predicting that they’ll go deep in the playoffs but I won’t be at all surprised if they do.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    My thoughts:

    1) The offense was awesome. I thought they would struggle against the Giants pass rush, but Rodgers was on fire, and just owned their secondary.

    2) Special teams had a good game too (though why do we have Tramon Williams returning kicks? Zero production and major risk of one of our best corners is in no way worth it.

    3) Defense was pretty ugly early on, especially the way that 14-0 lead disappeared. I really didn’t feel comfortable at all when the defense was on the field until Matthews forced Bradshaw’s fumble.

    The defense really benefited from playing a sloppy, mediocre offense, especially in the second half.


  3. DaveK Says:

    First the pros:

    – Raji was a disruptive beast today. He was collapsing the pocket and drawing double teams on a bunch of plays.

    – Matthew’s forced fumble and Bishop’s tap back into play is the play of the year so far. The game was still competitive at that point. Huge play.

    – How good would this defense be with a good ROLB opposite Matthews? Capers is getting it done with Eric Walden and Robert Francois at that spot. Has to be a priority in the draft this year.

    – Rodgers was amazing today. Most QB’s would have had 5 sacks in that game. The way he avoided pressure and made throws down field was huge today for the offense.

    – Jennings and Driver run perfect routes and caught everything today.

    – MM play calling was outstanding today. Execution sure helped but I thought from the beginning he had the Giants guessing. Ten rushing plays in the first quarter.

    – Jones had two big drops. I’ll spare you my weekly Jones rant but the guy just frustrates me to no end.

    – Shields on kick-offs just isn’t working. Jordy Nelson was better. I agree with Dave in Tucson that using Williams on punts is insane given the output he gives us on them. Ted Thompson needs to find a dynamic PR/KR next year and be willing to use a roster spot for him.

    – Bulaga is not getting it done against quality DE’s. He was terrible in Detroit. He was abused today by Tuck the entire game. If not for Rodgers being able to avoid pressure and still make plays we would all be bitching about Bulaga again. I hope he can handle Peppers or I hope the Packers have plans to give him help.

    – Where is Starks? He looked so good against the 49ers. He has been inactive the last two weeks.

    – Bears week. For the love of God someone tell Masthay to NEVER punt to Hester.

  4. DaveK Says:

    Just thinking about the Giants 2007 season when they won the Superbowl.
    The played tough against an undefeated Pats team in week 17 but lost on the last drive. They finished 10-6 with the #5 seed. Then went on to win three road games in the playoffs and a squeaker of a Superbowl. That is the blue-print for the Packers.

  5. ace Says:

    Agree with Andy’s analysis and the comments. I believe TT is a very good GM, contrary to past comments of many on this blog; however, use a draft pick and roster spot to get a punt and kickoff returner. Field position is critical to an offense’s success. Even the Giants poor special teams gave them better field position than the Packers had. Yes, it is tough when your special teams are made up of different players from week to week due to injuries but the primary returner can make a huge difference-see Eagles, Bears, Oakland in the last 2 weeks for example. Many pint sized successful returners are free agents who can perform no other function but special teams play. Bring in several of them and pick one that doesn’t have a history of injuries. Normally a team does not need to carry 5 tight ends and 3 fullbacks (this year was an exception for GB). Use one of those spots for the return specialist.
    Agree that we should just punt out of bounds or into the end zone with Hester. Kluwe hit the sidelines at least 3 times before kicking to Hester last week and watching him go the distance. Masthay will have a net punting average of 30 yards or less but that is better than watching DH take it all the way.

  6. ScottL Says:

    Glad to see Lee get into the game. A tight end that can actually hold on to the ball. Go figure. Although Quarless did hang onto that one pass thrown to him. So congrats. Maybe he focused a bit more since Lee was taking away his PT. AQ usually needs to drop a couple before his hands get warmed up.

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