Let’s respond to Bearsfan


Not sure how many readers happened to catch some of the recent comments from a reader who happens to be a Bears’ fan – appropriately named Bearsfan. We at Packergeeks definitely welcome readers from opposing teams. Bearsfan initially commented on my post about Kyle Orton being pretty good so far. The post was an honest look at Kyle Orton’s season so far. It was a half-way-point, half-admission that I may have been off in my negative assessment of Orton. While I have no problem with trash talking and taunting because it’s a lot of fun, I must admit, I was surprised Bearsfan took to this after this particular post. Though maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. The comments for this post were eventually reduced to this gem from Bearsfan:

Yes, my plan worked to perfection. I noticed no Packer fan took the time to comment on the success of Orton so I knew all it would take was a short comment by a Bears fan . I’m just surprised that they had time to climb down from their tree stands to type something in. Maybe they have their lap tops up in the tree with them. Type quietly, you wouldn’t want to scare away the deer. Of course, only a backwoods Packer fan would be so superstitious as to believe that they can have an effect on the outcome of someone elses performance. I bet your still wearing that same orange jumpsuit that you killed that deer in five years ago (unwashed too probably).

I’ll let Packergeek Nation handle this one – let us know your thoughts.

9 Responses to “Let’s respond to Bearsfan”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    When it comes to the Bears and their Quarterbacks, there is simply no comparison. Check out this list of Bears QBs from 1979-2007.

    Anyone remember Cade McNown?


  2. bucky Says:

    Cade McNown? Hell, I remember Slo-mo Bob Avellini and Vince Evans. I don’t remember Kordell, or Jonathan Quinn, Or Moses Moreno. Peter Tom Willis? Heh.

  3. DaveK Says:

    I sort of like this site because of the civil nature of the discourse and the smart discussion on football and the Packers. I steer away from other sites because of the constant name calling and ranting that occurs. Who has time for that? It would be a welcome addition to the site to have some fans from other teams that provide some thoughtful analysis of their teams and some thoughtful analysis of our team from someone not drinking the kohl-aid so to speak. But, Bearsfan is the typical bloviating Bear’s fan who is more interested in insulting and ranting then discussing anything in regard to x’s and o’s. Let’s hope he just goes away and I seriously doubt he is the type of person to offer anything other then what he already offered us which is a whole lot of nothing!

  4. Joe Says:

    In typical bears fan fashion, this guy is too stupid to realize that he didn’t actually insult anyone. There is not a damn thing wrong with deer hunting. Judging by the number of Illinois plates we see during those 9 wonderful days in November, Jerry’sKid3445 has taken a shot not only at us, but at many of his fellow bears fans. Maybe later he would like to pick on us because of our love of beer and sausages. What a dipsh*t

  5. DaveK Says:

    Sorry to switch topics – But WOW – this is BIG news for a division rival:

    FOX Sports reported Sunday that Pro Bowl defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams are among eight NFL players who could be suspended after testing positive for a masking agent during a random drug test.

    According to the report, the Williamses are awaiting an appeal hearing. There is no confirmation on how many games they would be suspended, but New Orleans offensive lineman Jamar Nesbit received a four-game suspension for what was reported to be a similar violation.

  6. Jpkool2000 Says:

    Wow thats crazy all three Packers, bears, and vikings have a bye week at the same time. Anyways I dont know about Orton he is looking good so far how however the question is “for how long?” Look what happened with Rex Grossman one year he had a great season and the Bears went to the Super Bowl. However the next season he was a total bust also known as a one season wonder. If I was a Bears fan I wont get too excited over Orton yet. Bears fans can say the same thing about Rodgers however looks more poised and consistant than Orton will ever be. Once again it d*mn feels good to be a Packer fan. STILL PACK FOR LIFE!

  7. Scott in Wisconsin Says:

    Illiholes who drive into Wisconsin every Friday and back every Sunday in the Summer and Fall do so to escape the dregs of Chicago. The underground parking for Soldier Field makes such a nice yellow sodium-lit atmosphere for stumbling up and down the ramps in a drunken stupor fumbling for the keys to their apartments and mailboxes, desperately hoping beyond a doubt that the homeless guy with the burned out face won’t walk through their L car on Monday morning and stand in front of them again.

  8. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    FIBs will be FIBs. i’m with D in T though – i think it’s quite an indictment of a franchise when you can’t remember who the quarterbacks have been in the last decade because, well there were too many of them, and none of them were any good. i realize we’ve been spoiled in that regard, but the bears qb history makes the vikings look like a historically steady ship.

  9. PackSmack Says:

    So the bears-still-suck fan tries a shot at stereotyping us and insulting is in a demeaning way by talking about tree stands. I suppose this really is a different lifestyle for said Chicagoan who is more used to spending his spare time trolling for hookers, trying to buy crack in the hood, or dodging bullets on his city streets. Never mind the gumbas who are shaking him down for some ‘protection money’ and the threats his loan shark has been making for not paying him back after the ’06 Super Bowl fiasco. And what with his mom still making him wheel her down to the local bar even after her tracheotomy surgery from 40 years of three packs a day, it understandable that he would want to lash out on those who, in his mind, are even lowlier than himself. So, bears-still-suck fan, why don’t you come on up to the land of blaze orange here in a few weeks and take a little walk in the woods to get out and relax. But remember, we not only hunt deer from our tree stands, we also are proficient, proud and lethal BEAR killers as well. Be sure to wear your team’s mascot when you come.

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