Is Kyle Orton…not bad?


I started writing this post about a month ago. Then I thought twice about it and decided to give it another month to see if Orton was still…not bad. Well, as my father would say, so far this year, Orton has been really not bad. At the beginning of the year, I was one of the many saying the Bears had no clue re their QB situation. I knew for sure the Grossman shouldn’t start (we all knew that), and despite not knowing for sure about Orton, I insisted that the Bears would have been better off cutting all of their QBs and starting over with the 2008 draft (and picking up a veteran free agent or two). In fact, at one point, I wrote a lengthy post re the Bears personnel decisions here, and in this post I ripped the QB decisions in particular. My argument at the time (I believe anyway) was compelling and backed by stats. But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say at this point at least in 2008, Orton is proving me wrong. He looks quite good this year. Here are his stats for 2008:

  • 62% pass completion rate (about average)
  • 10 TDs 4 Ints
  • 91.2 QB rating
  • 1669 yards (6th in the NFL)
  • 4-3 record

Now, these aren’t exceptional numbers, leaving us all hope for a meltdown yet. And his career QB rating, despite his 91 rating so far this year, is still just 72 – so there’s plenty of room for him to screw up and we’re only half-way through a season. But so far this year, for the sake of accountability, I just want to put out an alert to folks that I may be having to eat some crow a little later this year if Orton continues to even be decent.

The Bears, however, still suck.

14 Responses to “Is Kyle Orton…not bad?”

  1. Bearsfan3445 Says:

    As a life long Bears Fan, I can’t emphasize enough my dislike for the Packers and their fans. I can only hope that with the emergence of Kyle Orton we can dominate the Packers for many years to come. Oh, by the way, I heard that Brett was trying to get ahold of Kyle’s cell number. Something about wanting to tell him a little about the Packers.

  2. awhayes Says:

    That was easy – my plan worked out just as I thought it would. I figured by writing a nice post re Orton, a Bears fan might chime in and get all cocky on us…thereby jinxing Orton and da Bears. Look for Orton to post a 48 QB rating in the second half of the season as he becomes a turnover machine. You may now disregard my post above worrying re Orton actually being decent.

  3. Scott W Says:

    Ah yes, the Genus of the Bear Fan, (Ursidae Arrogansis) can not help taking the “bears are great” bait. They’re hard wired to be cocky.

    Fiendishly clever Andy. Well done.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    As a life long Packer Fan, I can’t emphasize enough my dislike for the Bears and their fans. I can only hope that with the emergence of Aaron Rodgers we can CONTINUE TO dominate the Bears for many years to come. Oh, by the way, I heard that … the bears suck.

  5. Ron La Canne Says:

    And the vaunted Bear defense gave up 41 points to Gus Ferrotte. Tsk, Tsk. One plus for Orten this year, he finally was able to figure out how to grow a real beard. At least now he doesn’t look like Peter Styvesant.

  6. Aaron Says:

    Scott – The “Genus” of the Bear fan?


  7. Aaron Rogders Says:

    LMAO! Retarded Bear fans….

  8. Kozak Says:

    Wasn’t Grossman being touted for MVP at this point last year? We all know how that turned out….

    Bears fans, still pining for the good old days of Sid Luckman.


  9. Kozak Says:

    I believe the correct taxonomy for Chicago Bears fans is “Ursus Moronicus”

  10. DaveK Says:

    Typical Bear troll – start out by saying how much you dislike all of us and then go on to add nothing of substance about his team or the Packers.

    Anyway, Pete Doughterty has a good piece today about what scouts around the league are saying about the Packers and the NFC north. All of the scouts seemed impressed both with Orton and Rodgers. They were split on who would win the division. Some interesting comments on if the absence of Favre is the root cause for the sub-par run game.

  11. Bearsfan3445 Says:

    Yes, my plan worked to perfection. I noticed no Packer fan took the time to comment on the success of Orton so I knew all it would take was a short comment by a Bears fan . I’m just surprised that they had time to climb down from their tree stands to type something in. Maybe they have their lap tops up in the tree with them. Type quietly, you wouldn’t want to scare away the deer. Of course, only a backwoods Packer fan would be so superstitious as to believe that they can have an effect on the outcome of someone elses performance. I bet your still wearing that same orange jumpsuit that you killed that deer in five years ago (unwashed too probably).

  12. Jp Says:

    Well I have to agree Orton has played quite well. However Can he countinue to play well? Still The Bears still suck!

  13. Let’s respond to Bearsfan « packergeeks Says:

    […] at Packergeeks definitely welcome readers from opposing teams. Bearsfan initially commented on my post about Kyle Orton being pretty good so far. The post was an honest look at Kyle Orton’s season […]

  14. Joe Says:

    In typical bears fan fashion, this guy is too stupid to realize that he didn’t actually insult anyone. There is not a damn thing wrong with deer hunting. Judging by the number of Illinois plates we see during those 9 wonderful days in November, Jerry’sKid3445 has taken a shot not only at us, but at many of his fellow bears fans. Maybe later he would like to pick on us because of our love of beer and sausages. What a dipsh*t

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