Packers and the Presidential Election


Interesting article here from the GB Press Gazette. Ryan Grant, Poppinga voting for Obama. Some of the others, not so sure. Brother Steve, stop doing all that work on the election etc and start writing pieces like this. I think it would be fascinating to know which candidate players from throughout the NFL will be voting for.

But it was the end of this article, the last sentence, that seemed like an odd inclusion. Read below:

The Packers, as an organization, do not take a political position and Murphy said players are free to express their own political preferences.

It seems as though the article’s author (Tony Walter) must have asked Murphy if Murphy was letting the players make their own decisions or if the team would only allow players to vote for a certain candidate. This isn’t Russia Danny, is it?

4 Responses to “Packers and the Presidential Election”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    1. Don’t give a crap about athletes’s political preferences, period. Actually, don’t care much about anything they have to say about any subject other than their sport.
    2. More concerned about players who are grabbing the big bucks and not performing at the level they are being paid for. Grant and Poppinga are you listening? Less time blabbing more time working on your deficiencies, please.
    3. They are relevant, why?
    4. Thomas and Quinn (Cleveland) were at a Mc Cain rally. Don’t care about that either.
    5. Packer players – tell us just how you plan to beat Tenn. They are the toughest defense you’ll face. And vote how ever you want.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    russia actually just bought everything north of Sheboygan – missed most of the major news pages.

  3. Scott in Wisconsin Says:

    Damnit. There goes my boat ramp in Hika Bay.

    Favre is most likely a McCain supporter, that’s for sure. Why else would he have picked Greta Van Sustern at Fox News to do his interview last summer?

  4. Mr.Man Says:

    Wow. If Poppinga, a BYU grad and a Mormon, and someone who would see his taxes go up under Obama’s tax proposals, is supporting Obama, you know that the Republicans are in some trouble.

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