Few thoughts watching Bears/Lions

  • The Lions’ vaunted D-Line is indeed scary – as pass rushers. But the D-Line and the entire defense struggle against the run. Tonight, Forte already has 116 yards rushing. A few weeks ago, at Minnesota, the Detroit D-Line couldn’t stop Adrian Peterson in the first half. (Of course, MN mysteriously abandoned the run in the second half because it was working too well.) Anyway, overall the Lions ranked 17th in the league w/respect to yards rushing given up per game, coming into tonight’s game. This is a defense that struggles with the run. And it’s also not great against the pass (ranked #12 in average yards allowed per game). So while this is a good team to be sure – they are perhaps not as good as hyped.
  • Stafford is really good. His TD pass behind Urlacher to Pettigrew was really good. He realized instantly that Urlacher hesitated for just a moment and that he’d have a small window to chuck the ball in there. He did and it was an easy TD.
  • Sloppy game – lots of penalties (23 so far).
  • Former Badger DeAndre Levy leads Detroit in tackles tonight.
  • LB Stephen Tulloch, who is a good player, looks like he ate a 15 pound cake before the game. He looks fat for a LB.
  • It’s weird to see a seriously charged up home crowd in Detroit. As much as I realize this means that Detroit has perhaps arrived as a new competitor in our division – it’s nice to see anyway.
  • I’ll start saying it now – told ya about the Bears. Just not a good team. They started the year with Cutler throwing constantly. Then they realized it wasn’t working so they started giving it to Forte all the time. But what they haven’t figured out is how to balance the offense. And they continue to have a tremendously bad O-Line. How does Mike Tice still have a job? It’s absolutely stunning.
  • The Bears defenders are aging. Just watched Urlacher miss an open field tackle on Best. Best is an elusive dude and has played a good game tonight. But Urlacher would never have missed that tackle 5-6 years ago. Never. This D is getting old.

One Response to “Few thoughts watching Bears/Lions”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I’m with you on the decline of the Bears’ D. They’ve given up 24+ points in their last 4 games, They only gave up 24+ points 4 times all last season (which includes the garbage-time stuff the Seahawks got in the Divisional round playoff game)


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