Onside kick?


sort of kidding.

11 Responses to “Onside kick?”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Well, let’s see how the D can do now. They are sure enough in a hole thanx to ST.

  2. Schaefer Says:

    should’ve done the onside

  3. 56coop Says:

    Why keep blitzing when it’s not working??????

  4. 56coop Says:

    Oh well, doesn’t matter–absolutely out played & out coached.

  5. mark Says:

    if anyone read these comments you would have noticed that i said mistakes would be the key and that we would lose-sometimes i hate to be right all the time

  6. bucky Says:

    McCarthy is a good coach, but a turrble game manager. Just terrible. Four 3 point losses tells all there is to know about that.

  7. Ron LC Says:

    Can we fire Slocum now?

  8. Dave in Tucson Says:

    So many mistakes 😦

  9. bucky Says:

    I think we can win it all with McCarthy. But he needs to entrust the gameplan and in-game decisions to someone else. He just doesn’t get it.

  10. Ron LC Says:

    No question Bucky, 4 3pt losses is all on the coach. 12 points = 4 losses is really bad play selection. He does not lnow how to finish.

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