THat’s total BS


Unreal – I just rewound that f-ing play. That was an interception and a fumble. Collins took 3 full steps then fell to the ground and fumbled. I absolutely don’t understand that call.


3 Responses to “THat’s total BS”

  1. Kozak Says:

    Most undisciplined team ever. Penalty, penalty, penalty.The Pack deserves to loose this game.

  2. bucky Says:

    Maybe if we’d have had a challenge left? But McCarthy is the King of losing challenges. Total fail on preparing the team for tonight.

  3. Aaron Rogders Says:

    When the refs are so one sided like that, it always makes me wonder if games really are bought.. =(

    Yes, it was an interception.. why not challenge that play?? Instead you waste a timeout on an obvious play.

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