Packer Pro Bowl alternates may surprise you

  • Clay Matthews – makes sense. Not surprising.
  • Ryan Grant – makes sense, he’s played well and as usual, he’s getting better as the season goes on.
  • Chad Clifton – some serious crack smoking going on. Clifton’s improved health has helped to stabilize a shoddy O-Line, but Clifton also has committed a huge number of penalties for a veteran and given up his fair share of sacks. This just doesn’t make sense.
  • AJ Hawk – more crack smoking. Hawk has played progressively better with each game, yes, but to throw him into consideration at ILB for the Pro Bowl is ridiculous – especially when you consider his competition at that position (including his very own partner in the middle, Nick Barnett – who has played considerably better than Hawk this year).

4 Responses to “Packer Pro Bowl alternates may surprise you”

  1. Packers Daily Links 12.30.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] in the middle, Nick Barnett – who has played considerably better than Hawk this year)," writes Hayes. I have to agree. Barnett is a more worthy candidate than Hawk. Although his slow start to the […]

  2. DaveK Says:

    I never get upset about pro-bowl stuff. In fact, it’s almost better for teams if their players don’t make the pro-bowl especially if they are in a contract year. Anyone think negotiations with Collins get any easier now that he is two year pro-bowler?

  3. AZWarrior Says:

    Who creates the alternates list?

  4. andrew Says:

    azwarrior no one creates alternate lists its all decided by votes.. nd aj hawk has good stats probably why he got voted in i agree he is not a pro bowl caliber linebacker.. but hopefully the packers will see him gettin picked for the probowl as more motivation to try nd keep him around instead of replacing him with chillar

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