Favre deposit paid?


St. Paul Pioneer Press claims that Favre has put a deposit down already on an Edina Condo.

Again, deal is done. Vikes are just waiting for the right time to announce the signing – apparently they will be requiring those who purchase Packer game tickets to also buy tickets for the pre-season game against the Chiefs – which would have otherwise sold 10-15 tickets, experts estimate.

6 Responses to “Favre deposit paid?”

  1. FITZCORE1266 Says:

    Give ’em hell Brent! Hahahah… Brent!

    GBP 4 LIFE

  2. PackerBelle Says:

    This may be true but I’m not entirely buying it. For one thing, the report is from the Star Trib which I don’t think has been right on anything in this whole saga (remember the report Childress had flown to MS and then he showed up at Winter Park the next morning?). Secondly, they say that it is near 50th and France. It’s a fairly urban area which seems an odd choice for Favre.

  3. cindyv Says:

    Latest word is that 40 percent of the Vikings’ playbook is being customized for the pending signing of quarterback Brett Favre.

  4. cindyv Says:

    Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman was in Hattiesburg, Miss., on Wednesday to check on the physical condition of quarterback Brett Favre, another indication the veteran NFL quarterback is headed for the Vikings. This is Sugarman’s second visit to Favre in Mississippi. The last time he was there in mid-June, Sugarman gave the former Packers star some exercises he could use following arm surgery.

  5. cindyv Says:

    Jerry Rice said he applauds Brett Favre’s desire to continue to play, but he questioned whether it is the best move for the Vikings, saying “this could really backfire.” “You have two quarterbacks [Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels] who don’t know exactly what is going to happen. All of a sudden these two guys thought they were going to be competing. To be honest with you, I thought Tarvaris would be the starting guy this year. I’ve watched him off and on. The most important thing for him is the consistency. He shows that at times ‘OK, I can do this.’ I think he was moving in the right direction, making progress. Now you have this saga, and everybody is sitting back wondering what is going to happen.”

    Minneapolis Star Tribune

  6. Cindy V Says:

    Williams Wall cleared to play while litigation is pending
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 9, 2009 11:24 AM
    If quarterback Brett Favre joins the Vikings, he won’t have to worry about the team’s defense being diminished during the first four games of the 2009 regular season.

    According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Hennepin County Circuit Judge Gary Larson has ruled that defensive tackles Kevin and Pat Williams can continue to play football while their state-court claims against the NFL are pending.

    In May, the NFL scored a partial victory against the pair, with the dismissal of federal claims challenging the imposition of the suspensions. But the federal court found that two claims arising under Minnesota state law could be pursued independently of the grievance procedure set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the league and the NFLPA.

    Judge Larson, who’s not the same Gary Larsen who once played for the Vikings, also ruled that the NFL is not permitted to subject the players to enhanced testing that follows a positive result until the case is resolved.

    A hearing will be held on July 22 regarding a request from the league to stay the state-court action pending the outcome of the NFL’s appeal of federal judge Paul Magnuson’s decision to permit the Minnesota statutory claims to survive. If the league obtains a stay, there’s a chance that the state-court action would be rendered moot, if the federal appeals court finds that a Collective Bargaining Agreement governed by federal labor law supersedes claims arising under a state statute.

    Bottom line? The Williams Wall will stand tall to start the 2009 campaign, and there’s a good chance that their status won’t be finally resolved until after the coming season ends.

    Maybe, in the end, the controversy will land on the desk of Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page, who is the same Alan Page who once played for the Vikings.

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