Which Packers will make the team of 53?


Following is a breakdown of which players will most likely make the team (listed in depth order). I’m posting this today but tonight’s game could change some things around. (These aren’t necessarily the players I’d keep, but rather the players I think the team will keep).

  • QBs (3) – Rodgers, Brohm, Flynn. Unfortunately, because Brohm continues to suck it up, the team may need to keep all 3 active for game days.
  • RBs (4) – Grant, Jackson, Lumpkin, Herron. Hard to part ways with Morency but my guess is that the team likely views Herron as the safe guy and Lumpkin as having way more upside. (I’d keep Morency over Herron). Lumpkin may even push to be the #2 back before long.
  • FBs (2) – Hall, Kuhn. Obvious choices. Powdrell looked OK during his time here, but has already been cut.
  • WRs (5) – Driver, Jennings, Jones, Martin, Nelson.They’ll hope to sign Jake Allen and maybe Johnny Quinn to the practice squad.
  • TEs (3) – Lee, Finley, Humphrey. (Haynos to practice squad – though he may get picked up by another team). Humphrey will make the team despite not impressing like coaches had hoped. He is a huge guy and would likely be serviceable should Lee get hurt or something. Though I wouldn’t rule out a last minute acquisition of a veteran TE who gets cut by another team.
  • O-Line (9) – Tauscher, Spitz, Wells, Moll, Clifton, Colledge, Babre, Sitton, Orrin Thompson (Breno Giacomini stands a chance to make the team if they feel due to Wells injury etc, that they ought to keep 10 O-Line guys. If this happens, Joe Porter likely would make the team or maybe David Muir).
  • D-Line (10) – Kampman, Pickett, Jolly, Jenkins, Montgomery, Hunter, Cole, Muir, Thompson, KGB. KGB will make the team only because the team is desperate for back-up D-Line help. TT does have it on his mind though to release KGB if the knee doesn’t get better soon, freeing up $7.7 million.
  • LBs (7) – Hawk, Barnett, Poppinga, Chillar, Hodge, Bishop, White. No surprises here.
  • Safeties (5) – Collins, Bigby, Rouse, Culver, Peprah. No surprises here. Bush may continue to get some looks at safety. He has made some nice plays at safety in the preseason.
  • DBs (7) – Harris, Woodson, Williams, Blackmon, Bush, Lee, Porter. Porter is the surprise here. He’s played quite well (and apparently well in practice too). He will be kept primarily though, for special teams, though he may often be left off the
  • Special Teams (3) – Crosby, Ryan, Jenssen.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: jwestphal pointed out that I failed to add my cut numbers correctly. I could have sworn I narrowed the team down to 53, but I didn’t – there are 58 players listed here. So, the additional 5 cuts would be: Joe Porter, David Muir, Tyrone Culver (depending on the severity of Charlie Peprah’s injury – they seem to like Peprah more), Tory Humphrey and gulp…KGB.

21 Responses to “Which Packers will make the team of 53?”

  1. MC Says:

    I’d bet money that TT will try to land a Chris Simms or somebody of that ilk on final cuts day. No way he goes into the season with Brohm and Flynn a heartbeat away from the driver’s seat…unless he’s totally nuts…

  2. awhayes Says:

    MC – I really hope you’re right. Anyone with NFL experience would be a welcome addition at this point. Swebb has commented several times on the importance of picking up a veteran and I agree – I’d be a lot more comfortable if there were someone there even to help out Rodgers and give Rodgers some live game thoughts.

  3. MC Says:

    If nothing of value is left on the scrap heap of final cuts, though, I’d rather lose with a developing Brian Brohm than a grizzled, awful journeyman…at any rate, it’ll be fun to see how this plays out.

  4. Aaron Rogders Says:

    What about Brett Swain?

  5. awhayes Says:

    From what I understand, Swain hasn’t shown much at all in camp. He hasn’t shown the quickness he apparently had (he hasn’t been as quick to get into his route as they thought he’d be) and he hasn’t made many special plays. In the games I’ve watched, neither Swain nor any of the WRs outside of the top 5 have done anything obvious to deserve a roster spot.

  6. Davek Says:

    I think they add a Vet QB. If so, do they keep 4 QB’s on the roster or do they try to get Flynn on the practice squad? If they keep four then what position loses a spot? Probably whoever they think they can stash on the practice squad. Porter?

    I was hoping that Rodney Allen would be the next Gilbert but I’m guessing they just needed a body to take some snaps in the last two preseason games.

  7. Corey B Says:

    On linebackers- think your right about keeping 7. But it is somewhat a surprise. The fact that they havent kept 7 since 2000 is significant.

  8. awhayes Says:

    They won’t keep 4 QBs on the roster and my guess is that if they add a vet, Flynn would be the odd man out. I think they would hope he doesn’t get picked up by someone else so that they could sign him to the practice squad. It would be a tough situation for Flynn if they add a vet because even if he continues to outplay Brohm, Brohm has been given such a head start in the competition mostly because of where he was drafted, that Flynn’s only chance is if he is spectacular. Tonight will be helpful for the team w/re to determining which QB can handle a game better and whether either of these guys would have a clue if Rodgers were to get hurt during the season.

  9. Davek Says:

    I can’t imagine that tonights game is going to tell us much about either of them. The Packers starters are going to play about 10 snaps. In come the b-team against the Titans starters until the 3rd quarter. I can’t imagine either QB will have much time to throw and if they do they will be throwing to b-team wr’s against starting CB’s.

  10. Aaron Rogders Says:

    So am I the only one that is upset about not having Williams? It is horrible watching green bay play run defense…

  11. Ron La Canne Says:


    RB’s – I am guessing they keep Morency. Too valuable on Special Teams.

    WR – We already know Jones will likely miss the Minnesota Game. And no one knows how much longer. Probably should keep one more.

    OL – Wells and Sitton have injuries that are problematic. I’m affraid one if not both will end up on IR.

    DL – Similar to OL, there are three question marks. Jolly’s legal problems could surface on the 116th of Sept. and he could be suspended for at least part of the season. Pickett has not practised yet this year. That is not a good sign. I suspect they are waiting to the last minute to make a judgement on his availability. KGB is likel;y to go IR or be cut.

    LB – Hawk, described as week by week. That is also worrisome. 7 is good here because it could turn out to be 6 for at least part of the year. Plus White is a ST terror.

    DB – Peprah also week by week. Injury could drop that number too.

    ST – I’m guessing that some of the final 53 will be selected specifically for their ST skills. Tracy White for example.

    At any rate we’ll know more Saturday.

  12. awhayes Says:

    Aaron Rodgers, by the way, we’re honored that you come to our site for the latest Packer talk! When we got rid of Williams and I saw how much he got on the open market, I wasn’t devastated, but even going back to last year, I had wanted to at least talk to him and make an offer of some kind. We may end up missing him more than I realize, but I do think when Pickett is back and if Jolly is allowed to play, our run D may end up being OK. Pickett is really one of the most underrated DTs in the league and his absence is a huge void.

    Good point DaveK, maybe both QBs will just be sacked over and over and not have a chance to do much. Then I guess we’d evaluate them based on who is sacked less and throws fewer picks!

  13. jwestphal Says:

    Good article except I don’t think the league will let you keep 58 players…it’s 53 per team..don’t you edit this stuff?

  14. awhayes Says:

    Good thoughts Ron L – the severity of the injuries we presently have will go a long way in determining how many players from each position we keep. O-Line injuries are worrisome and may require us to keep more than we normally would. It’s difficult to know what’s what w/re to the injuries. I’ve heard Pickett is essentially fine but just being overly cautious and at one point I heard that about Hawk (though being listed as week to week suggests that it may be more severe). If Peprah’s injury is at all serious, he may end up getting cut.

  15. awhayes Says:

    Crap jwestphal, I usually do a quick edit and when I did, I could have sworn there were 53 players listed. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll update the post and try to come up with 5 players who won’t make it. Shaving these final 5 will be like shaving 5 strokes off a sub-10 golf handicap…tough…

  16. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Hello awhayes, I am glad we have such a great community at this forum. I decided to change up my last name like favre did, but still pronounce it like it is suppose to be spelled.

  17. bucky Says:

    Noah Herron will make the team. He’s a bright guy and they’ll need someone in the backfield who can remember the plays. Jackson sure ain’t that guy.

  18. awhayes Says:

    Bucky – actually, that’s why I figured Herron will make the cut. I think the coaches will want a solid/reliable type back on the team. Probably not a bad idea to be safe, he’s just not that good. It does seem Jackson blanks on some plays…but the coaches seem to like him.

  19. BobbyOShea Says:


    Seriously though, there’s no way we keep 6 cornerbacks.

  20. Shouldn’t Geeks be able to count? | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] come on. That’s pretty ridiculous. You would think that if the name of your post is “Which Packers will make the team of 53?” you would take the time to add. I think what happened is that the brother who can add is at […]

  21. awhayes Says:

    Sorry Aaron – I must have been distracted by having to work…

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