Packer Super Bowl Odds get worse, Jets improve


On WTMJ radio this morning, host Jon Jagler said that the Packers, who had 10 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl with Favre have dropped to 20 to 1 with Rodgers. The Jets Super Bowl chances went from 40 to 1 pre-Favre to 30 to 1 with Favre. For more odds, check Silversteins blog post here.

STEVE ADDS: ESPN had a similar thing on FavreCenter SportsCenter this morning. Those odds were more dramatic for the Jets and less for the Packers. Going from memory, here: The Jets went from
75 to 1 before Favre to 30 to 1 now. And the Packers fell from 10 to 1 to 15 to 1. (Okay, I was close.)  Jets went from 75-1 on January 13 to 15-1 on August 7.  The Packers odds on the same two dates were 15-2 and 10-1.  (ESPN’s reporting on this is misleading, however, when they claim that the Packers odds “fell” to 10-1 without Favre.  Favre had not yet retired on January 13, when the odds were 15-2, and I think most people assumed he’d come back.)

Also, what does Rachel Nichols do with her arms when she reports? Look carefully. She holds them at an angle, slightly away from her sides and arches her back like she’s being held-up at gunpoint. Every so often, her arms move slightly up and down, as if she’s trying to take off in flight in the middle of her stand-up.

4 Responses to “Packer Super Bowl Odds get worse, Jets improve”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Big F***ing Deal! There that felt good. I’ll be sending my quarter by UPS.

    What does post mean? It means that a bunch of booze swilling Mafiosa (I’m Italian so I get a Pass) don’t know Aaron Rodgers from one of the hookers on the strip.

    My grandson and I were “batching” it last night. He’s 9 and a F***ing Bear fan. I blame my son. Marrying a FIB (does that count?) should be considered a Capital Offense. We loaded up with DeRango’s Pizza, Henny Penny chicken, and brews (Root Beer, of course). We settled in and watched the Bears vs. KC. After weeks of anger and frustration with the hillbilly and his greedy, slimeball agent I needed a pickup.

    And I got it. Bears lost (yeah, yeah, 1st pre-season game and all that). Most satisfying was the realization that — You think we have QB issues? The Orten/Grossman tandem is without equal in the annuls of Pro Football. The furtherest either threw downfield was about 5 yards. Their offense looked pathetic. The defense didn’t do much to impress either.

    One observation on the game. The Bears have a FA QB, Kaleb (?) Hainne (Colorado St.). He has some physical skills. Throws with strength and tight spiral. Moves well and provided the Bears with their only TD’s. I hope they don’t see that he is better than either of their dynamic duo. Who is advising Orten in beard styles? Maybe that’s the only place he grows hair? Captain Ahab comes to mind.

    So, that gave me a distraction from “WathizName” and made me realize the game is bigger than the man. I love the game. And, the first time I hear the “Pack is Back”, I’ll have to send in one of my gold certificates for the Jar.

    Favre going to NYC City Hall to be welcomed by Bloomberg. Ticker Tape? “Lucky Lindy Phav Rah” has arrived. How long will it be before the elite NnnYorkers start using the proper French pronunciation?

    Let’s go Packers.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Alright we just signed Scorpio Bavers. Super Bowl here we come.

  3. Anywho Says:

    Jon Jagler is an idiot, he has his nose so far up Favres @ss, he can see thins I cannot describe here.

  4. Rachel Nichols via Kristin Says:

    Hey, buddy, my eyes are up here.

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