Giants Are Dirty (To Hell with New York Media, Part III)


These guys know how to gin up a controversy.

Paul Schwartz, a columnist for the New York Post, devoted an entire column today to lamenting the fact that the New York Giants have few externalities ginning them up for the game this Sunday. The Giants, he argued, need that kind of motivation to play at their best; they need a chip on their shoulder. The article was headlined: “No Chance in Hell.” The subhead: “Hey, Blue, Pin That on Your Bulletin Board.”

Schwartz wrote:

THE PACKERS probably won’t do it, won’t comply in sucker Cowboys fashion, won’t set a dumb trap for themselves by opening their mouths or escaping Green Bay to head to a warmer spot (Nome, Alaska, perhaps?) with their celebrity babes for a few days of R&R. They won’t rile up perpetually-riled Brandon Jacobs or give Plaxico Burress the desire to once again redecorate his locker or utter as much as a peep, which is all Antonio Pierce needs to sound the alarm (or air horn).

None of this works for the Giants. Mere underdog status isn’t enough. Their coach is being hailed as The Great Communicator and their quarterback is now The Younger Brother Who Could. No one is assailing their character, commitment or confidence. For a team that admittedly thrives on beat-downs and put-downs, there’s simply not enough here to whip them into an “I told you so” frenzy…

The best way to jump-start the Giants is to disrespect them, tell them, “No you can’t” when they think “Yes we can.” It’s for their own good.

What was that about no one assailing their character? If there’s no villain, make one up.

Our friend Greg Bedard had a perfectly reasonable article this morning noting that the New York Giants have a reputation for dirty play. That’s hardly a controversial thing to say. Anybody who watched the Week 2 games must remember Plaxico Burress’s late hit on A.J. Hawk, one of the more egregious late shots I saw all season. And the Sean O’Hara hit on Aaron Kampman that serves as the basis for much of Greg’s article was just as bad. The Giants did this all year long. And Bedard started his article by pointing out that Kampman didn’t want to talk smack. “Aaron Kampman didn’t want to talk about it Wednesday. He took the rather diplomatic approach of not providing the New York Giants with anything that could be deemed bulletin-board material.” The article quoted three other Packers saying that they were aware that the Giants like to take their shots and pledging not to be baited into fighting back.

It was a good, straightforward story, but otherwise unremarkable. In typical New York fashion, if the Giants need a controversy to get fired up, count on the media to do that. By day’s end, they had.

So then came this article in the New York Post. It was splashed across the front of the New York Post website under a banner “breaking news.” And the headline “Sean Says ‘We’re Not Dirty.'”

Once again, an opponent sent disparaging words hurtling toward the unsuspecting Giants. Last week, it was mouthy Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton who conjured up Giants trash talking (that no one quite recalled) as proof they were either scared or not confident in their ability to win at Texas Stadium. The Giants took great delight in reminding Crayton of his boastful words after their 21-17 victory bounced the Cowboys from the playoffs.

The Giants sounded slightly amused that the Packers, three days before the game to determine which team gets to Super Bowl XLII, were worried about late hits and rough stuff.

Suddenly, in a quick turn that is hard to do if you’re anywhere other than New York, it wasn’t the Giants that are a dirty team, it was the Packers who were talking smack. Huh?

“If they want to talk, let ’em talk,” said left tackle David Diehl. Umm, who was talking?

We’ll give former Packer Grey Ruegamer the last (very tasteless) word. “Any D-linemen calling offensive linemen dirty, that’s retarded. They take their shots, we take our shots. I’m not going to go home and get whiny about it.”

Good riddance.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out some of the reactions to Greg’s piece from Giants fan. He posted the publishable ones on the JS Online Packer blog. Hilarious.

UPDATE II: Tim Canavan, an AP sports writer, quotes Grey Ruegamer a little differently in this article. Did he change the quote to make it less offensive? If so, that’s offensive.

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10 Responses to “Giants Are Dirty (To Hell with New York Media, Part III)”

  1. Don Says:

    Bedard is “reasonable?”

    He takes one game, played four months ago, and postulates “”And that’s exactly what the Giants try to do, WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT.”

    The only confirmation for this “weekly” comment was a quote from Rodney Harrison, whose reputation is in the trash. Bedard didn’t talk to any player in the East division, whose teams all played the Giants twice and far more recently than Sept. 21. No stories in any East division papers about the Giants’ supposed “dirty” play, either. Think the Philly Inquirer wouldn’t love to have run a story like that, if it had any truth?

    Bedard is a pom-pom waving homer with no journalistic sense or integrity. Period. And I suppose the same can be said for your blog.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Um, Don? This is Bedard’s first year on the beat. He covered the Dolphins for years before coming to the JS this year. Hardly what you’d call a homer. And as for this blog – it’s called PackerGeeks. Not ‘ObjectiveGeeks’. Nice try though. Good luck in life.

  3. sfhayes Says:

    Yeah, what Aaron says. And let me make the same observation with Don that applies to the G-men more generally. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Now Steve, using Hamlet? You might want to slow down for our friends who support Big Blue. Perhaps quoting Blue’s Clues will work better…

  5. RayMidge Says:

    I’m a born and bred New Yorker (Yonkers) who has been a Packer fan beacuse of the guileless purchase of two random belt buckles about 30 years ago by my Irish immigrant mother who looked at nothing but the sale price. My brother is a Bengals fan. So as both a die-hard Packer fan and a New Yorker, all the charges against the NY media are accurate. That said, if it matters at all it is probably ultimately beneficial to the Pack. NY is buying the “hot team” bit without much regard for the mismatch of the actual players. When I have pointed out the likely impotency of the jints pass rush against the deep wr corps, extra protection and quick throws that the pack thrive on, I get mostly quizzical silence. The pack’s d-line is underappreciated by most, and completely unknown to the NY media. Corey Williams and Cullen Jenkins will be a revelation. They appreciate the sentimental value of the Favre angle, but seem completely oblivious to the fact that the best arm and guts the game as ever seen has also developed wisdom and patience. 37-17 GB. And I’ll save my Monday copy of the NYPost forever.

  6. BluMe Says:


    Wow, you stayed up that late in the morning to script that homer crap? Maybe the Pack IS as good as they looked last week, but I doubt it. Last week was the only big game they won all year and thank God they were at home and had two weeks to prepare for it. I don’t think the Giants will allow the quick throws you are talking about, otherwise it would be an awfully dumb gameplan. That’s how they got beat in September, so I think that at the least the Packers will have to find another way. I also think there will be a lot of balls in the air and on the ground, where they are not supposed to be. The temperature, (despite all of the analysts who say that wind will be the only factor, not cold) will play a huge part. I’m a season ticket holder and I know that when it’s ten degrees and I’ve been out there for awhile, I feel drunk even when I’m sober. I can’t imagine what it will be like.
    When I was a child I was a Dallas fan but then I grew up. TRAITOR!!!

  7. sfhayes Says:

    “BluMe” writes: “I know that when it’s ten degrees and I’ve been out there for awhile, I feel drunk even when I’m sober.” Judging from your comment, it must be freakin’ cold up there.

  8. BluMe Says:

    Good one, Jack Benny.

  9. Packers Says:


    Thank You!!!!

  10. Anonyme Says:

    I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

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