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Ummmm, No…Sorry, TO is a Tool

January 14, 2008

This is one of the clarifying moments in a brotherhood. Andy is defending Terrell Owens? For crying?

Hayes, T.O. was not crying because he lost a relative. He was not crying because of genocide in Darfur. He was not crying because he tore his ACL and will not be able to play in the playoffs. He was not crying because a teammate died in a tragic blimp accident.

No. He was crying because a reporter — doing his job — asked about a vacation that T.O.’s quarterback
took to Cabo San Lucas with his movie star girlfriend the week before the biggest game in recent Cowboy memory. (For the record, I think that story was way overblown, but I think the fact that it would be was entirely predictable. It was that overreaction that was certain to be a distraction and they brought that on themselves.) How can this bring a grown man to tears? Yes, yes. I’m sure T.O. was disappointed the Cowboys lost and that this might have just been the most obvious manifestation of that fact. Still, he’s a tool and this was pathetic. It reminded me of Cedric Benson’s tears when he was drafted by the Bears.

Brett Favre can cry whenever he wants and he naturally becomes more of a man. T.O. is a tool