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More Oldmandom, If You Will

December 11, 2007

Youngest Brother Dan writes with a question prompted by Brother Andy’s post on Old Man Injury #1.

When does one cross the threshold into oldmandom? I’ve had some bizarre and inexplicable back pain recently and I’m only twenty five. Could this be a result of the gut I woke up with on my 24th birthday?   

And PackerGeeks reader Trav has more thoughts on Oldmandom:

In the last year, I have run a handful of 5k races, 2 half-marathons, completed a triathlon, and endured hundreds of hours of training to prepare for them. No injuries to speak of during that time. The closest I came to an injury was when I almost drown on a training swim in Pewaukee Lake (technically not a physical injury, probably more of a “mental” injury). This morning, while peeling an apple for my daughter, I turned to open a drawer and I pulled a muscle in my lower back. Moral of the story: stay out of the kitchen. Oldmandom is brutal.   

(Editor’s Note: I think I know this “Trav,” and if he is the guy I think he is, I call b.s. on his half-marathons. If the “Trav” I know started a half-marathon, he’d still be running.)As for Oldmandom, me too. I was in the shower of my hotel in Des Moines last Wednesday and wrenched my back as I reached for the shampoo. I grabbed my lower back, slipped, and almost tumbled out of the shower onto the tile floor, which would have been ugly. I hate to imagine the housekeepers finding me the next day, wrapped up in the beige shower curtain, having bled to death after walloping my head on the toilet. As it turns out, I was okay by the next day. But I reaggravated the injury this noon, putting mayo on my meatloaf sandwich.