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Nick Barnett vs. Umpire Jim Quirk…

December 29, 2007

Last week, many of us saw umpire Jim Quirk drag Barnett away from a potential scuffle last week. Many of us probably wondered why the guy was being so aggressive. Barnett even indicated in an interview afterward that he was not able to breathe at one moment. Weird incident and as McCarthy said, unprofessional behavior.

To me, one of the more remarkable things about this whole situation is that the umpire Jim Quirk was fined one game check for the incident – which amounted to $8150. For some reason, I was under the impression that NFL refs didn’t make much money. I’d guess (conservatively) that Jim Quirk works 14 games a season, (not including playoffs where he likely would make much more) – that would come to some $114,100 a year. Keep in mind that is for about 4-5 months of work. Now, being an umpire is one of the more vulnerable ref positions on the field (they are the ones who often get knocked over when players run across the middle). Still, I’d get knocked down a couple times a year to make $114,100 working less than half the year.