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Timberlake, Van Der Beek, Jessica Biel at Lambeau

December 19, 2007


A few celebrities learning how to tailgate from the pros at Lambeau…thanks to our friend’s friend Tom for sending these in (Tom I’m happy to give you full credit if you want your full name on here)… Jessica Biel apparently looking for another beer…Timberlake looking on…

James Van Der Beek w/Justin Timberlake

That’s Justin Timberlake shot-gunning a beer in the background. Between this and his Saturday Night Live skit, suddenly my impression of him is changing.


Seven Vikings?

December 18, 2007

Seriously? This is the team the Packers have beaten twice, including a 34-0 ass-whooping? Some of these guys are deserving — Adrian Peterson, Steve Hutchinson, the Willams duo — but Darren Sharper? Sorry, Sharper used to play at a Pro Bowl level, but no longer.

More here.

Money quote:

The Packers are tied for the best record in the NFC at 12-2 and swept the Vikings this season, including a 34-0 smackdown on Nov. 11. Yet, the Vikings have twice as many starters in the Pro Bowl. Someone — anyone — tell me how this makes sense.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy immediately should be admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Anyone who can take a team with so little talent — according to the Pro Bowl voting released today — to the brink of gaining the No. 1 seed in the NFC deserves unanimous approval as coach of the year and should have his salary tripled.

Quick Thoughts on Pro Bowl Snubs

December 18, 2007

No question Nick Barnett was snubbed. He is 7th in the NFL in tackles with 119, 90 solo and 29 assists. He also has two picks and 3.5 sacks. I think Gred Bedard is right that he is arguably more responsible than anyone other than Favre for the Packers’ success this year. Lofa Tatupu, a solid player, has numbers that just don’t match up to Barnett’s. He is 20th in tackles with 101, 78 solo and 23 assists. He has one sack and four interceptions. Three of those picks came in the game last Sunday — just as vote were being cast. Good timing.Patrick Willis, a shoe-in for defensive rookie of the year, is the reserve. He should have been the starter, Barnett the back-up. Willis has 142 tackles, which leads the league, and his almost single-handedly kept San Francisco from being the worst team (and defense) in the league.I take Greg Bedard’s point about Greg Jennings and his 50 receptions, but ultimately I think Jennings was more deserving than either Donald Driver or Torry Holt. Jennings has 12 touchdowns, gaudy yards per catch numbers and RAC numbers, and he is a league leader in yards per game when you factor out the two games he missed. He has been better than either Driver or Holt.And then there’s Charles Woodson. I think he was more deserving than Al Harris, but Harris got so much love from the broadcasters this year — overdue, in my opinion — that he was all but assured of a trip.I do think it’s amazing that the 12-2 Cowboys got 11 starters, while the 12-2 Packers got four. And I agree with Andy that this should provide some motivation for those, like Barnett, who got snubbed.

“Two Beers Later, It Was a Great Idea”

December 18, 2007

Brett Favre is going to Iraq. Sort of.

Like most Packers fans, Matthew Bannach, Jayson Wissmueller and Joe Stewart wanted Brett Favre’s autograph.

Not content to wait outside Lambeau Field with pen and paper, the three Marine lance corporals simply Googled the Green Bay quarterback’s signature, printed it and took the John Hancock to a tattoo artist in San Diego while they were on leave. Actually, Wissmueller organized it and talked Bannach and Stewart into getting the $50 tattoos in October.

“Two beers later, it was a great idea,” said Bannach, 21, of Franklin.

I’m completely sober and it’s still a great idea. (Be sure to check out the photo.) There is little question these guys drink Pabst.

I’ve only been tempted to get a tattoo once (Harley Davidson), but these Marines have got me thinking. I wonder what my wife would say. Actually, no I don’t.

It’s only fitting that the country — and Packer fans everywhere — raise a 12 oz. can of PBR to these guys at some point this week.

Questions Answered

December 18, 2007

Greg Bedard comes through with another edition of his “Mondays with Mikey’s Men,” which, the awful alliterative appellation notwithstanding, is one of the best features of Packer reporting available. Lots of questions answered, including a Justin Harrell update and a discussion of our problems defending the run against St. Louis. Great stuff. Read the whole thing, as they say.

Cowboys Coming to Lambeau…

December 17, 2007

next year. Hopefully they will be returning to Lambeau for the second time in a year.

Who Knew? The Larry McCarren Pinky Obsession

December 17, 2007

One of the cool things about having a blog is that we can see which posts have generated the most interest. We can also see what kind of internet searches have sent readers to PackerGeeks.

Here’s why that’s interesting: Almost every single day someone — presumably some of you — conducts a search wanting more information on Larry McCarren’s messed up pinky. (It’s basically a right angle.) Andy wrote about it here.

(We also get a lot of traffic because of Elizabeth Hurley searches. I’m guessing this, ahem, is not what most guys are looking for.)

Back to McCarren’s pinky. Someone wrote about it this summer. And this guy has come up with a smart proposal:

We gathered together to watch the Green Bay Packers pre-season game when Heidi and I came to a startling conclusion — no matter when Larry McCarren is on the television giving commentary, whatever he says is completely overshadowed because we’re staring at his grossly disfigured dislocated left pinky finger.

I completely understand that Mr. McCarren’s pinky, which is permanently bent at a 90-degree left angle, is sort of a badge of honor for him, showing he was one tough SOB when he played center for the Green Bay Packers from 1973-1984. I have always been a big Larry McCarren fan and think he is a smart football guy with a great radio voice.


Packer fans should take up a collection to send money to Larry so he can get his pinky fixed.

If we can’t raise a lot of money, we thought of several options. I suggested he get some tape from the Packers training room and simply tape his left pinky finger to his left ring finger. Heidi went one step further saying that Larry could use a popsicle stick as a splint and then secure it with flesh-colored Band-Aids. That would straighten out his pinky and depending on how close the camera was, we wouldn’t even notice.

In any regard, Larry’s got to do something about that distracting pinky finger. He talks so much with his hands that it is mesmerizing.

Given that it’s responsible for half of our traffic just because of that one post, I think Andy should contact McCarren himself and try to get a picture of it so that we can post it here. Good idea, no?

That Eerie Feeling…

December 17, 2007

Here’s what I wrote last week after watching the ugly end of the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions:

The Lions would have won if Paris Lenon, former Packer and Andy man-crushee, would have fallen on a Tony Romo fumble with less than two minutes left. Instead, he wanted to be the hero, so he scooped it up and then dropped it, when a Cowboy lineman fell on it. Dallas scored the game-winning touchdown. I have an eerie feeling that play could be the difference between the NFC Championship at Lambeau Field or at that “pretty” Dallas Stadium.

As you surely know by now, Dallas lost to Philadelphia yesterday, 10-6. And while I am pleased to see further confirmation that the Cowboys are not a good 12-2 team (in addition to their loss to Detroit, they should have lost to Buffalo), it’s difficult to think that the Packers could have had homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with two more wins and an unspectacular play by Paris Lenon.There is still a chance, however. Dallas plays Washington in Washington the last game of the season. Even with Jason Campbell out and no Sean Taylor, the Redskins have played reasonably well. (In fact, the original “eerie feeling” post played up a potential Cowboys loss to Washington and mentioned Philly in passing.) If the Redskins can beat the Vikings next week, they would be 8-7 heading into the Dallas game, a mark that would give them a decent shot at the playoffs. (They would have a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Vikings — giving the Vikings a win against Chicago tonight — but New Orleans has a better conference record.)Of course the Packers still have to beat the Bears (in Chicago) and Lions (at home) before this becomes an issue. But…

Monday Review

December 17, 2007

The Packers played fine yesterday in their 33-14 stomping of the St. Louis Rams. Fine, but not excellent.

The Rams are a better team than their record indicates and they came in 3-2 over their last five games. Their running game was strong — at one point Steven Jackson had 12 carries for something like 108 yards — and their run defense was surprisingly stout.The Packers’ offensive line seemed to regress a bit, especially in the running game. There were very few big holes for Ryan Grant to run through, especially early in the game. Pass protection was okay, however.

All in all (and I’m not looking to restart an old argument) the win yesterday reminded me of the win against Carolina: Decent, not great. They could have looked past this one and they didn’t, which tells us good things about Mike McCarthy and his staff, especially given the other top NFC teams that lost yesterday (Dallas, Seattle, NY Giants).

Mike McCarthy’s postgame press conference is here.  

Jason Wilde is here

UPDATE: McCarthy was asked how the offensive line performed: Just OK. I thought the protection part of it, they did a great job of the pressure recognition, declarations. I don’t think we were fooled one time. I thought the communication was outstanding on the boundary as far as what they were trying to do, who’s bluffing and picking up the disguise and so forth. I thought they did a very good job of that. The run-blocking unit as a whole, it wasn’t our best day. We weren’t as productive as we would have liked to have been in the run game. But I thought their performance was OK.   

Mike McCarthy on Favre

December 17, 2007

“He’s a once-in-a-lifetime player. He’ll go down as one of the greatest or the greatest player in the history of the National Football League. But just the way he goes about his business I think speaks volumes about him as a person. He’s a joy to coach, he’s a big part of our success this year as he’s been throughout his whole career, and you love to see him just keep breaking these records.”