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More Love for Woodson

January 15, 2008

In this Clark Judge piece over at CBS Sportsline. Judge picks up on one of the things Mike McCarthy said at his press conference that struck a chord with me. McCarthy revealed that he had gotten calls from national reporters seeking comment on Charles Woodson as the defensive MVP. Interesting.

One month later, and Charles Woodson still can’t understand why he isn’t going to the Pro Bowl.

I can’t, either, and maybe you’ll join the club after watching Woodson make another appearance this Sunday for the Packers on a national stage. If you missed Woodson this season, don’t miss him this weekend because you’re looking at the best player not to go to Honolulu.

I believe it, and so do Woodson’s teammates. And when the New York Giants rewind the videotape to this season maybe they’ll believe it, too.

UPDATE: This is in the comments, too, but it’s worth posting here. Smart commentary from Aaron over at Toomer has been Manning’s go-to guy and they’ll want to throw to him a lot again this week. Also, look for Steve Smtih, who had a couple of nice catches, to try to take advantage of matchups with Tramon Williams, Frank Walker and/or Jarret Bush.


Last Minute Updates

November 29, 2007

More from Gred Bedard in Dallas here. He reports that the feel in Dallas has gone from a “big game” atmosphere to a “playoff game” atmosphere. I must say, even here in downtown Washington, DC, there seems to be a little buzz. I overheard a guy on the street asking his buddy what he was doing for “the game” tonight. And on Sirius NFL radio just now, a guy called into the “Afternoon Blitz” and apologized for taking the show off-topic to discuss the Chiefs.

From Greg’s report, it sounds like KGB is a more likely play tonight than Chuck Wood.

I’m told that Charles Woodson is very much a game-time decision. He hasn’t run much (if at all) since the Lions game, so when he hits the turf at Texas Stadium, a lot of eyes will be on him.

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila said “he’s ready to go.” But I wouldn’t put him in the “will play” category just yet. As with Woodson, I think coach Mike McCarthy will have final say. Obviously the players want to play, but McCarthy has to look at the respective situations long-term.