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Wednesday Practice Report: Facial Hair Special

December 12, 2007

From Greg Bedard. I like these little nugget-based updates.This is fantastic:

New practice squad DT Alfred Malone was on the field. He may be auditioning for that 53rd spot on the roster. Malone sported a ridiculously long chin beard – it sticks straight out – so Ryan Pickett is going to be forced to step up his game in the facial hair department. Malone’s chin beard puts Pickett’s to shame.

I like Malone already. This is exactly the kind of reporting we need to increase. Outstanding.I still believe that Aaron Rodgers’ fu manchu was the best facial hair on the Packers in the past several years. Excellent. And that comes from someone who does not generally like Rodgers fashion-sense, especially since he started to look like that UPS Whiteboard tool.