Packers/Giants Preview

October 9, 2016 by

I’m at Lambeau tonight. Excited for this game. Here are some thoughts:

– I’m concerned that facing McAdoo could be extra tough. He knows our offense inside and out. (If our offense had changed a bunch in the last few years I wouldn’t be worried. But it doesn’t appear as though it has. This is a disadvantage.

– the optimist in me wants to say this will be the game that starts a streak of good play. Dispatching the decent Giants and red- hot Cowboys in consecutive weeks would be impressive. I’ll stick to this optimistic perspective for a minute here.

– we haven’t been playing great so far this year but we are 2-1 so clearly we’re doing enough to win.  With our injured guys back I think we may end up being too much for th Giants especially if Rodgers gets a bunch of guys involved.

– worried about Eli and the passing game. Think Beckham could go nuts tonight.  But also watch out for Shepard – the guy can play.  (And of course Cruz).

– could be Jayrone Elliott’s night tonight. Though he’ll get limited reps I’m sure he is a big time player and this is a big time game.

– I also think nick perry could be big tonight. He’s getting better weekly.

– Lacy will be a difference maker tonight as well.

– Packers 31, Giants 26


Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

September 25, 2016 by
  • Not surprised we came out firing and getting Jordy involved. We looked very good in the first half. And the reason we looked good is that we let Rodgers go a bit and we also mixed plays up some – instead always just having the 3 WR sets that everyone expects.
  • The first half was truly a gem and McCarthy deserves credit for preparing the guys and getting the offense revved up and clicking…finally. That was fun to watch.
  • It was nice to see Jordy get involved. He seemed to be himself more than he has been for a while – it was really encouraging to see that.
  • That last TD we gave up in the first half was pretty bad. I feel bad for the rookie CB who allowed that to happen as he slipped. But that was costly and instead of Detroit thinking they had no chance, they suddenly had the momentum.
  • Outside of that big play, the defense actually played pretty tough given the injuries. (The second half of course was a different story – not good defense.)
  • Demarious Randall was horrible all game. Wow, he should be benched.
  • We have a problem over the middle. I’ve been saying this for a long time now but it’s really bad right now. Martinez and Ryan ad simply too slow. Usually TEs but also WRs – whoever – just catching easy catches over the middle. If they were contested/close catches that would be one thing but these guys are wide open. Our coverage in the middle is really a problem and we need to do something about it. (But we probably won’t.)
  • When we play well, our offense feels wide open – like we’ve got a bunch of different plays coming. We also play with a sense of urgency. It is a completely different feeling than when we go into the “prevent offense” as brother Steve calls it. We did that in the second half. Obviously. So is wasn’t surprising that we scored 3 points in the second half and outside of some yards by Lacy, we had virtually no passing yards. (Compared to 31 points and 4 TDs by Rodgers in the first half…) It just doesn’t make sense. Didn’t McCarthy learn from the Seattle game (and any number of other games) when we didn’t finish it off because we simply removed Rodgers from the game as any kind of potential offensive threat?
  • The best analogy I can think of for this is taking out a pitcher who has a perfect game going – and the batters are not even close when they swing – and bringing in a reliever with an 8.5 ERA and an 0-7 W/L record. The only way for our offense to be stopped today after the first half, was if we stopped it ourselves. And that’s exactly what we did.
  • It is hard for me to be so negative after a victory against an OK team. It really is. And I am bothered that I am being negative here. But I am so frustrated watching McCarthy make the same CLEAR mistakes all the time. It is just extraordinary – it’s like he simply doesn’t learn from the past at all. It is so true when writers say that he coaches not to lose instead of coaching to win. It is very frustrating to me. And today, finally, you heard what the crowd thought about it. They were really ticked off and booing late in the game when we ran Lacy twice for no yardage and then only Rodgers’ imagination really, saved that drive with his great scamper for the first down. (And then of course, McCarthy finally called a slant to Adams…)
  • I think we were fortunate that we were playing the Lions today. I think we were fortunate to be playing at home. And I think we’re fortunate now to be on a bit of a homestand here.
  • I would like to see us come back in two weeks and smash the Giants. Their goal should be to win by 30 points. Seriously. We just play down to other teams – and have too much respect for them. Could actually be a very difficult game considering McAdoo knows our system well…could be extra predictable for them.
  • I do hope the we can get healthy in the next few weeks – could help the D for sure.

Does McCarthy even notice when…

September 25, 2016 by

a defender is costing us a game? Sometimes I wonder this. Is he so focused on calling plays that he just lets Capers handle the whole defense all the time? If Capers isn’t going to bench Randall, McCarthy sure should have noticed what was going on  – and benched him.

Why are we still running the ball?

September 25, 2016 by

What the hell is McCarthy doing?

Bench Randall

September 25, 2016 by

Speaking of bad coaching – how is Randall still on the field?

The fact that this is a game is totally inexcusable

September 25, 2016 by

This is what McCarthy does ALL THE TIME. When will he ever learn? This is so ridiculous. If we lose this game he should be fired.

This is why Packer fans struggle with McCarthy

September 25, 2016 by

Yes, we’re winning. Yes, we put together a solid game plan early on and executed well. And McCarthy should get credit for this. But for a guy who is incapable of making adjustments when we’re losing, it is a total mystery that he seems quite able to make adjustments when we’re losing. This is exactly like that ridiculous Seattle game from a few years ago. Or the Cardinals game. Or any number of games. We need to keep doing what is working (in today’s case – passing the ball) and just blow them out. That might mean we need to score 50 points. I just don’t get why we take our foot off the accelerator ALL THE TIME. Just crush teams.

Great play by Schum

September 25, 2016 by

Don’t hand off to Starks there

September 25, 2016 by

That was a poor play call.

Nice sack by Fackerell but…

September 25, 2016 by

why is Jayrone Elliott not in there playing that position?