Nice sure-handed pick by King – not easy in this weather

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That was horrible

December 1, 2019 by

Wow – the WR ran into Martinez. A personal foul? That’s a huge call for the Giants – and a really bad one. Wow.

Offense looks dialed in today – nice to see

December 1, 2019 by

At the same time, the Giants D looks so bad. Wow, looks like they have no idea what’s going on out there.

Spielman is right – wow

December 1, 2019 by

How can Slayton be THAT wide open on 4th and 5. Rotten coverage there. Williams and Martinez were nowhere close.

Important game here

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The Giants are terrible – no question. But I think this game will help us gain a better handle on the simple question: are the Packers a really good team or just a decent team? If we continue this momentum and destroy the Giants like a really good team should, I think we can feel more confident in the idea that this is a really good team.

Great first drive

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Sweet pass call there – nice grab by Lazard

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December 1, 2019 by
  • Packers will either have 500 yards of offense and win by 30 – or lose by 3. Judging by the first series, I’ll lean toward the former.
  • Love that most of the crowd seem to be Packer fans.
  • Packers need to get out of the offensive hole they’ve been in. Take shots down the field to open up slants and shorter passes.

Packers/49ers Game Thoughts

November 24, 2019 by
  • Outcoached tonight. Kyle Shanahan knows what he’s doing. His team was prepared and their game plan crushed ours. He also made adjustments in the game that were key (swapping out his left tackles proved to be brilliant). We didn’t make any adjustments.
  • Packers WRs continue to go way down the field instead of running quick-hitting slant routes etc. It has been a problem now for years and I suspect it is driven by Rodgers. It’s part of rodgers trying for the hero throws all the time.
  • Rodgers missed several open throws again today. His decline in play is concerning.
  • LaFleur did not have a good game plan for tonight – and he had 2 weeks to devise one.
  • The O-Line is really struggling. They lost this game in a big way.
  • Rodgers gets psyched out be defenses with good reputations (and/or individual defenders that are good – like the Bosa brothers). He essentially defers to their reputation instead of remembering his. He seems rattled from the beginning of games like this.
  • Still 8-3 and maybe this will light a fire. But this loss felt a lot like the Charger loss and both were equally humiliating. Let’s see how we bounce back from this – will help us better understand if this team is nearly as good as people have been saying they are.

o-line bad but rodgers also has resorted to his rookie year panicky-ness

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