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horrible decision by Rodgers

November 22, 2015

Announcers are wrong. Rodgers had plenty of time there and threw it to Rodgers – the slowest player in the NFL – who was completely covered. Rodgers is just not making good decisions. Let’s stop making excuses for the guy – he’s playing at about 55% of his potential lately and it really hurts the team.

Another burned timeout

November 22, 2015

Why does Rodgers keep doing this? This hurts us every week. We have to knock this off.

Rodgers looks more dialed in today

November 22, 2015

Despite that one really bad pass, he looks like he’s more into this game. That’s really key.

horrible hand off play

November 22, 2015

wow. such a poorly executed play.

Like seeing Jones get the ball

November 22, 2015

That should help open things up offensively.

How can they give up 3rd and 11

November 22, 2015

I take back my defense comment from the preview. Wow. We have no chance if the defense is going to play like this.

Packers/Vikings preview

November 22, 2015
  • For most of this week – after last week’s horrible game – I just went along with the narrative that the tide has turned in the NFC North and the Packers are about to be officially dethroned by the Vikes this week.
  • But for some reason, over the last couple days, the following thought occurred to me: nobody is talking about the Packers defense here. The Vikes defense rightfully gets attention, Adrian Peterson gets attention, Bridgewater’s solid game management gets attention, Rodgers and the declining offense get attention – but nobody is talking about the Packers defense. That may be because Capers and his unit are so inconsistent – and it’s dangerous to “expect” anything from them. But there is something about how they played last week – which was decent (until the last quarter) – that tells me that they are due for a huge performance. Essentially all they need to do is stop Peterson. Tall order but for some reason I think they pull it off today.
  • Packers 24, Vikes 17.

Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

November 15, 2015
  • Mike McCarthy doesn’t have a good handle on what he’s doing right now – at all.
  • He is supervising (and surely helping to create) some shockingly poor gameplans.
  • He continues to have no feel for the flow of the game. In a game like today’s game, the Packers needed their coach to do something to disrupt the fact that we were inevitably heading toward another horrible defeat. Nothing. Just stood there – Mike Sherman-like. Calling (over at least NOT overruling) the same predictable plays over and over. The Packers front office should consider getting rid of Mike McCarthy. He isn’t getting it done and I have the growing feeling that he just is not capable of getting us back to the Super Bowl.
  • Dom Capers and the defense let the team down today. They played OK for a while today but folded again when it counted the most. Not only was Golden Tate WIDE OPEN on that pass, in the second half there were a number of plays where Detroit WRs were WIDE OPEN (sometimes on plays where they didn’t even end up getting the ball). The defense just didn’t close the game out like they needed to.
  • But the real problem today was not the defense – they owned maybe 20% of the loss. Special teams 10% and the offense the rest. The offense looks so out of sync – zero rhythm. Mike McCarthy owns a lot of this but so do Tom Clements and Aaron Rodgers. Yes, we’ve been spoiled for a few years with unreal QB play, but the offense this year is so bad it’s scary. The worst part is that NOTHING CHANGES. The plays rolled out today looked exactly like plays from the previous losses.
  • Today in the second half, McCarthy/Clements repeatedly had the same lineup at the line of scrimmage: 2 WRs left, 1 WR and 1TE on the right and Starks lined up left of Rodgers. It didn’t change hardly at all. And then on seemingly 50% of the plays, they’d run that ridiculous borderline illegal rub/pick play which instead of picking the defense, picked our own WRs who then couldn’t get out to their routes fast enough.
  • On top of this predictability, there were the super predictable running plays. I knew it was coming and so did Detroit.
  • The Packers offensive line may be the worst in the NFL. I’m not being dramatic saying this, I actually think it may be true. The pass protection is epicly bad and the run blocking is so bad that I’m wondering if Lacy’s lack of production may not be 100% because he’s too fat (maybe %80). Starks had nothing to run through today at all.
  • I don’t understand the half-ass no-huddle Rodgers has been doing. They don’t huddle, they get the play and then instead of snapping it and catching the defense off guard or tiring them out, they fool around unnecessarily using up the play clock while at the same time letting the defense see very clearly what kind of personnel the Packers have out there.
  • But the real drag on today’s game was Aaron Rodgers. Something is wrong with Aaron Rodgers. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear that he’s struggling with some sort of personal issue – or that he had a serious falling out recently with McCarthy or Clements or someone. He looked disinterested out there today and he had almost no fire at all. As the undisputed leader of the team, other players pick up on that. And they seemed flat today too. The whole sideline was flat.
  • But Rodgers not only didn’t have any fire, he was really bad. He missed some easy passes that he would have surely completed in the past but more concerning to me, is the fact that he just didn’t see some WIDE OPEN WRs. today. While I’ll get to the WRs in a second – and yes they continue to stink – the WRs did get open at times, and on several occasions, wide open! It is so concerning to me that Rodgers’ vision, the ways he’s seeing the game just seems so off. This is really the characteristic that separates him from just about everyone – he can usually see everything going on on the field and it’s such an impressive quality. But he looks skiddish out there now and indecisive – like he has fleeting confidence in what he’s doing. It’s just plain odd.
  • I just saw Rodgers in his press conference talking about being ticked at the fan who yelled out in the moment of silence before the game. I was there – of course it was inappropriate that someone would do that and I was ticked too. But the fact that he talked about it in the press conference for some reason made me think this is consistent with what I see as a lack of focus lately.
  • The WRs we have are not good enough. James Jones is the slowest player in the NFL. He gets zero separation. Randall Cobb has faded so badly it’s amazing. He can’t get open hardly at all. It’s almost like the only catches he does have happen on broken plays or when Rodgers has an extra long time to throw – he just takes too long to get open. And Davante is uneven. He is either dynamic and a budding superstar or he drops a catchable ball. That said he was pretty decent today and it is very evident he is Rodgers new favorite – not Cobb.
  • Perillo is good. He’s fat but he’s better at getting open than Richard Rodgers – and he has fantastic hands. He will play a big role going forward.
  • I was so excited to see Abbrederis get out there. I had been calling for him and calling for more quickness off the line to help our struggling WR group. Abbrederis brought that – but he also brought the 6th football sense on that awesome improvised completion late in the game (too bad he got knocked out on that play).
  • I think Demarious Randall is going to be a superstar some day. He has had his fair share of whiffs and bad plays, but he’s also made some huge plays this year – bigger plays than most rookies make.
  • Clinton-Dix had a huge game today. I almost forgot to mention him. He was huge today with an incredible pick and tackles all over the place. He was great out there.
  • The Packers coaches have a lot to do to prepare for a really, really well-coached Vikings team. Mike McCarthy got schooled today by Jim Caldwell. Despite Caldwell being awesome because he’s from Wisconsin, he is not a great coach. Mike Zimmer has a great opportunity next week to make McCarthy look super foolish. If I had to predict a score right now, I’d say Vikings 34, Packers 10. Seriously.

Where is Elliott? He’s barely playing on defense.

November 15, 2015

Rodgers locking onto Adams like he’s a rookie

November 15, 2015


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