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A Fake Punt and going for it on 4th and 1!

December 10, 2017

Best call from McCarthy for years. Just a perfect spot and a great play call. How exciting that we did that. And then went for it on 4th and 1 a few plays later. I love the aggressiveness.



December 10, 2017
  • This is it really for the Packers this year. A win and we buy another week to be in the discussion for the playoffs. A loss and we’re done for the year.
  • The Browns are not a terrible team despite their record. They are not a good team – to be sure – but they are not terrible. With WRs Gordon and Coleman back, and a couple RBs that can do some damage (Crowell and Duke Johnson) – the offense could really cause trouble for our iffy/inconsistent defense.
  • I am imagining McCarthy will run the ball a lot today. I also think he’s going to incorporate more of the option plays he used last week for Hundley. That’s what Hundley was used to in college and I think he could run those plays effectively if we establish the run again.
  • Even though Cleveland’s run defense is not very good, I am guessing they will definitely be bringing help up into the box to shut down our running game -their defensive mantra being “let Hundley try to beat us”.
  • We arrive at this game at a bad time. There is a fair amount of pressure playing a team that is redefeated (my new term for a winless team). Throw in there the fact that a loss essentially knocks us out of the playoffs (and a win might bridge us through to a time when Rodgers could come back).
  • I do not like a number of factors playing into the game today: Browns being redefeated, Josh Gordon and Coleman being back, game in Cleveland, cold weather (which could be real trouble for Hundley), our defense being so inconsistent – but usually bad. If we get the running game really going we have a chance to sneak out with a win. But I am not optimistic today. I think Josh Gordon goes nuts and we really struggle to contain Kizer running the ball.
  • Cleveland 27, Packers 23.

Why do you kick a FG there

December 3, 2017

just unreal. Such spineless coaching. So tired of it.

horrible overthrow – wow

December 3, 2017

O Line looking really good today

December 3, 2017

Bad penalty by Biegel

December 3, 2017

Wow – he has been really bad since coming back from injury. Hope he turns things around.

Hire Jim Leonhard as D Coordinator

December 3, 2017

I’m totally serious about this. The Packers should find a way to hire Jim Leonhard to replace Dom Capers. Capers just sucks anymore – we all think that and he just hasn’t delivered in years. But Jim Leonhard has been good at absolutely everything he’s done in his football career. He is a winner and has a really good mind for football.

Packers D not looking good initially here

December 3, 2017


December 3, 2017

Hope the guys come out fired up today. I’m not sure if the Packers are any good. They looked decent against the Steelers last week but they have been mostly horrible since Rodgers got hurt. If they cannot win this game, I think the Packers should just sit Rodgers for the remainder of the year.

Packers 31, Bucs 24.

Game thoughts packers/steelers

November 26, 2017
  • Valiant effort tonight. Good execution for the most part. Solid preparation – at least on offense. A surprisingly close game. I thought this was going to be a blowout.
  • For much of the game McCarthy was dead on with play calling and putting Hundley in a much better spot to succeed. The play calls were mostly solid and the execution was good.
  • I love that Jamal Williams runs so hard. He’s playing well – when the o line plays well (like tonight). His long TD on that screen was something as he showed a burst of speed I didn’t know he had. That was also a play call I’d like to see us use way more often.
  • Hindley was really good tonight. Seemed to be in a way better rhythm. Huge QB rating lends some credence to McCarthys belief in him. Though stunning really how diffferent he looked tonight compared to last week against Balt.
  • Davante is a good WR. He continues to grow into our clear #1 option.
  • Its hard to watch jordy. As I said after Rodgers injury, jordys inability to get open will be totally exposed. And it has been. Rodgers had been fitting passes into ridiculous windows for jordy now for years – and he often makes crazy good catches too, to his credit.  But defenses seem to be putting afterthought DBs on him now without worry.
  • I know defending brown and bell is tough for any team. I’ll start there. But even Big Ben said after the game he was content with the bell check down every time – BECAUSE HE WAS WIDE OPEN EVERY TIME!  I can’t believe we didn’t just put josh jones or someone on him the whole game. He just drifted out for the easy check downs 11 times (!) which especially suck for a D because tackling him in the open field is so hard.
  • I know Pitt mixes stuff up at the line to get favorable matchups for brown but they didn’t have to for half the night tonight as we kept trotting House out there. I know there was supposed to be help over the top (tho it was usually from Burnett who is not quick enough to really help). But if Pitt had wanted to they could have thrown quick passes to brown all night – for 350 yards – because House is a liability against anyone except big slow WRs.
  • Mccarthys decision to kick that 57 yard FG at that moment in the game was a bad one. I’m usually all for being aggressive but that was not smart. I think half the viewing audience knew that kicking FGs at Heinz is extra tough. It was JUST what Pitt needed to get back into the game – getting the ball back at the 47.
  • That was a nice comeback at the end though to tie it up. Hundley looked really good on that drive. Composed.
  • Overall – this was a decent loss if there is such a thing. Pitt has amazing talent and they looked solid but we hung in there. Hopefully we can carry this momentum to a few solid victories.