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The pick that saved the season?

November 15, 2015

the death metal at lambeau sucks

November 15, 2015
  • sorry but it makes watching the game difficult. 

Rodgers isn’t even mediocre

November 15, 2015

abbrederis was wide open there but Rodgers committed early and made a bad throw. It’s like he’s a rookie. So hard to watch.


November 15, 2015

what else can I say? Just bad all around. Rodgers needs to get his head –

Packers booed at halftime

November 15, 2015


Worst half I’ve seen in years

November 15, 2015

somethung is seriously wrong with the offense. The Clements experiment needs to end now and Rodgers should just call the plays. Maybe it would boost his fading confidence. This is so hard to watch.

Offense is off

November 15, 2015

Rodgers is looking skiddish again. He’s not being his decisive self. 4 bad passes today by my count.

3rd and 3 run that twice

November 15, 2015


November 15, 2015

at the game today. Couldn’t be a better day for football. Wow. Rare to remove layers at Lambeau in November!

i want to be worried about this game but while I think Detroit might scare us initially, I don’t like their chances. Packers will return to form today.

Packers 45, Lions 20.

Game Thoughts Packers/Panthers

November 8, 2015
  • The Packers are not an elite team. I was worried this may be the case even after a few of our early victories. They are really struggling and I think a lot of it falls on the coaches right now. While I have real concerns about whether our defensive personnel is good enough, I think our coaching is the main liability right now. The game plans in the two biggest games of the year have been absolutely horrible. Yes, there was a brief period in the 3rd/4th quarter when we made a nice comeback – and without that flash of fired up play I would have been far more ticked off – but overall the team is not being prepared like they need to be and that falls squarely on the coaches.
  • There is no way a below average offense should be able to put up 37 effortless points against a Packers defense. Our defense no-showed today and I put that on Capers. I gave him plenty of credit early in the season when he was calling some good games and game-planning nicely against mostly weaker opponents, but he has simply not shown up the last two games. This pattern has been somewhat indicative of Capers’ time in Green Bay – shows up for some games (primarily less significant games) and then get badly outcoached in big games.
  • Speaking of big games, I am growing concerned about the Packers inability over time – really over Mike McCarthy’s time as head coach (Super Bowl year excepted) – to win big games. They have been bad in the playoffs since 2010, and they have fallen short against tougher NFL teams a number of times generally. While personnel shortcomings may help explain some of this, it is the coaching that I think is most culpable. When the Packers play good teams and lose, our coaching staff gets exposed. It keeps happening and it makes me really concerned that we won’t be able to win another Super Bowl with our current coaching group. I imagine right now the Packers somehow leaking into the Super Bowl and facing the Patriots – and losing by 60. No way McCarthy could even be on the same field as Belichick. Frankly, this all is starting to remind me of the Marty Schottenheimer years in San Diego and a little bit of the John Fox years in Denver. Like those two, McCarthy and staff might get through regular seasons with nice records because they aren’t terrible coaches and they have nice talent, but when it comes to winning when it really counts they fall short. That’s why Schottenheimer and Fox were both let go – Fox in particular. Elway just didn’t think he could win the big game with him. If the Packers falter again this year when it matters most I don’t think it would be outrageous for there to be musings about McCarthy getting canned.
  • The offensive line has suddenly become – really bad. I know Denver and Carolina have good defenses but these guys have taken 10 steps backward recently. They look horrible. Their pass protection is really bad and their run blocking is worse. They went from a decent unit last year to a rotten one.
  • Rodgers does not look right. He has been playing poorly, he has missed some open throws and he looks just plain lost out there. After the nastiness last week you’d think Rodgers and McCarthy would have put some things in place to get him moving but he’s still sticking in the pocket too much and getting drilled. But the bigger issue is that he seems to have no fire right now. I know he must be frustrated but as the team leader – maybe it’s time he confronts McCarthy or Clements when those guys make boneheaded play calls – during the game.
  • Those timeouts Rodgers takes so casually as he drains the play clock are so costly. If we had 3 timeouts when we couldn’t score at the end there, we would have gotten the ball back with a reasonable amount of time left. While it’s hard to say if we would have scored, it’s not a stretch to say that these constant burned timeouts are becoming more and more costly to the team.
  • I think it’s time to bench Lacy – and bring him in only to spell Starks occasionally. Starks runs with a certain reckless abandon that is just more effective than anything Lacy can offer right now. Let’s stop the discussion about Lacy’s weight because there doesn’t need to be one anymore – he’s just too fat. You can see it in how he moves (or doesn’t move). He is much slower and has lost his ability to juke people. Put him on a diet and start James Starks instead.
  • While Peppers was instrumental in firing up the team by jawing at Ha Ha, he has become a liability on the field. He hardly had any pressures and only had 2 assisted tackles. I like Peppers and believe he could still help as a situational pass rusher but he’s taking up a spot on the field that might be better occupied right now by a younger guy out to prove himself (like Elliott or Joe Thomas).
  • Jake Ryan had a nice game I thought. I have wondered about when we’d see him more and he showed nicely today I thought. I have trouble with his number for some reason – 47 for a LB annoys me – probably because everything annoyed me today – but I thought he played OK leading the team in tackles.
  • Tim Masthay must have been reading Packergeeks earlier in the season when I was calling for him to be cut. He’s turned it around and is playing really well.
  • The Packers need to come home and beat up on a weak opponent. While Detroit will have had the benefit of having a bye week this week, I think they will be unfortunate to face what I hope will be a fired up, ticked off and on the edge Packer team.


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