Iffy game – but a win

  • Wow – that was much closer than it should have been. Redskins D was decent but we brought that on ourselves more than anything.
  • Rodgers dropping too deep looking for the hero throw is really getting annoying. I just don’t understand why we don’t borrow more from the Pats who just get first down and decidedly unhero throws by Brady.  They just throw short passes until that opens up either runs or passes down field.
  • I’m also not convinced that Rodgers is throwing the ball away or holding it for a sack because nobody is open. I think he sometimes just won’t take the risk on some passes either to preserve either his yards per pass stats or his his low interception rate stats.
  • I’m also concerned about what seems like an offense that stutters and seems to get in its own way. Things were moving along nicely in the 1st quarter only for things to kind of derail and for any rhythm that there was, to just go away. That’s on LaFleur.
  • Pack’s D was solid today and helped win this game. I am concerned about how easy it seems to be to run against our D but overall they were OK today.
  • It was nice to see Ervin get some punt return yards. It just occurred to me while watching how bad our return game has been this year. He could end up being a key addition as we move toward the postseason.
  • Aaron Jones is fun to watch. The word that always occurs to me when I watch him is “glide”. He just glides by people and seems very difficult for defensive guys to get down. He is very quickly making an argument for being the top running back in the NFL. He is that good.
  • A win is a win – though against a better team, that likely would have been a loss.

One Response to “Iffy game – but a win”

  1. Frank G Says:

    I agree with you on Rodgers. His refusal to take the checkdown for 3-5 yards is maddening. Like you, I suspect that he is obsessed with not throwing an interception and foregoes tight throws to preserve his *awesome* TD/INT ratio.

    The only difference between this year’s AR and the ’17-’18 version is the lack of eye-rolls and profanities directed at the GB sideline.

    The excellent signing of the Smiths is the reason for GB’s success this year. Nothing the offense has done leads me to believe that La Fleur is a coaching prodigy.

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