Packers/49ers Game Thoughts

  • Outcoached tonight. Kyle Shanahan knows what he’s doing. His team was prepared and their game plan crushed ours. He also made adjustments in the game that were key (swapping out his left tackles proved to be brilliant). We didn’t make any adjustments.
  • Packers WRs continue to go way down the field instead of running quick-hitting slant routes etc. It has been a problem now for years and I suspect it is driven by Rodgers. It’s part of rodgers trying for the hero throws all the time.
  • Rodgers missed several open throws again today. His decline in play is concerning.
  • LaFleur did not have a good game plan for tonight – and he had 2 weeks to devise one.
  • The O-Line is really struggling. They lost this game in a big way.
  • Rodgers gets psyched out be defenses with good reputations (and/or individual defenders that are good – like the Bosa brothers). He essentially defers to their reputation instead of remembering his. He seems rattled from the beginning of games like this.
  • Still 8-3 and maybe this will light a fire. But this loss felt a lot like the Charger loss and both were equally humiliating. Let’s see how we bounce back from this – will help us better understand if this team is nearly as good as people have been saying they are.

One Response to “Packers/49ers Game Thoughts”

  1. Frank G Says:

    We’re just not that good. There will be no run at a Super Bowl this year.

    We have only one legit WR, nothing to speak of at TE, and a defense that gets shredded if it doesn’t get turnovers. Combine that with a QB whose abilities are clearly waning, and you get a whooping on national TV. It’s almost a mathematical equation.

    Rodgers, sadly, is more reputation than performance at this stage of his career. But for the run in late 2016 and early 2017, he is not the same QB that he was before 2015, when he would always find the open man and make seemingly impossible throws. I would argue that he’s not the same person; I’m sure some of his family members would nod their assent at the statement. GB should seriously look into drafting his replacement.

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