Game Thoughts Packers/Panthers

  • That was a hard fought game. The game was closer than I thought it would be. I didn’t think Carolina would be able to keep up as I assumed our offense would be in redemption mode after last week. But Carolina hung in there until the very end.
  • Our run blocking today was very good. Aaron Jones averaged 7.2 ypc and Williams averaged 4.8. Of course both backs are really good RBs which helps. But the line opened up some really nice holes.
  • The defense continues to give up huge yards (nearly 430 today). Going into the game today we were averaging giving up 402 yards per game. Good for 5th worst in the NFL. But true to form, the Packers followed their bend don’t break formula to hold Carolina to 16 total points. Coming into the game the Packers ranked 12th for fewest points per game. As much as the defense does concern me overall, it counts for something that scoring against the Packers is much harder than getting a bunch of yards.
  • I agreed with Aikman today when he pointed out a few times that Rodgers had guys open and just missed them. It was odd – Davante, Lazard, Graham all were pretty wide open on a few plays and he didn’t even see them. Conditions may have contributed to his ability to see things out there but still, not ideal.
  • There were a few concerning calls made by the officials today – that went for the Packers. That roughing the passer against Rodgers in our own end zone was such a bad call and it changed the game in that moment. Frustrating that the officiating still has such an impact on the games.
  • Overall – I’d call this a good victory. Imperfect, but a victory nonetheless.  Carolina is not a bad team. Kyle Allen was pretty impressive to me – I think he’s better than Cam Newton. Nice for the team to head into the bye week with a victory like this.

One Response to “Game Thoughts Packers/Panthers”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I’d be curious to know what you thought of going for the TD at the end of the first half instead of taking the FG? Personally, I like the aggressiveness, but hate the rather unimaginative “run it up the middle” play call.

    Also, WRT to the roughing the passer call, I could see how that could easily look like driving him to the ground in real time. It’s only with the benefit of the endzone view that you can see McCoy didn’t land on top of Rodgers.

    McCoy also doesn’t make contact with Rodgers until the ball was thrown, so the lateness of the hit could also be a factor.

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