Game Thoughts Packers/Bears

  • Wow – we haven’t seen a defensive performance like that in years. Yes the Bears offense looked shaky and their system was clogged by having 3 RBs (they should just use Montgomery and Cohen) and overall, limited talent options as Cohen, Montgomery and Robinson were the only real threats. Having Burton out also affected them to some extent. But still – Nagy is a pretty creative dude and he just couldn’t figure out what was coming at him. More impressive than anything is that we didn’t see any of those plays where there were gaping holes in our defense. Coverage was tight, tackling was mostly pretty solid and defenders seemed to be assignment-sure out there. This game was won by our defense.
  • Offense was concerning. Wow. I wish I could just chalk it up to no preseason action with Rodgers and the first time out with a new system and new coach etc. But what concerns me most is that the kind of crap that plagued us the last few years was fully on display offensively again tonight.
    • Rodgers dropping way too deep on bigger down and distance plays only to be sacked.
    • Rodgers missing what seem like easy, routine passes.
    • Rodgers trying to make the hero pass instead of just settling for 5-7 yard gains.
    • Rodgers running the playclock down to zero causing either penalties, timeouts or in some cases, getting it off but disrupting the offensive rhythm.
    • weird playcalls – the running game just wasn’t working at all but we picked odd times to run and odd playcalls for those runs.
    • Offense drifting away mysteriously, from the few things that were working (like passing to TEs).
    • No screens – what can be one of the most effective plays to counter aggressive pass rushers – no screens that I saw anyway.
  • Flipping back to the positive – we have ourselves a fantastic punter. Not only was that an amazing punt but it came at a huge time. Just awesome.
  • I LOVE that we got Graham, Tonyan and Lewis all involved in the passing game. That should open things up for the offense this year. Very exciting development in my mind. Especially Graham. He should be a beast in the end zone – we need to give him the opportunities.
  • I liked the use of a fullback early on in the game – though we seemed to go away from that. I would have loved to see some short passes to a fullback tonight – also would have been a good counter to their pass rush.
  • Just loved watching the defense. With the exception of Tramon Williams (who had 2 personal fouls), the defense played with discipline and seemed to be following a scheme that was causing huge problems for the Bears. This is exactly why we hired Mike Pettine. He was part of some unreal defenses and I’m just plain pumped up that about the possibility that we may end up with a decent defense (I’d be happy even with a top 10 defense!).
  • The secondary looks strong. King covers tight (though he should have had a pick), Tony Brown covers tight, Alexander is very good, Savage looked tough out there and Amos, while he didn’t do a ton until his pick must have been manning things effectively as the defensive QB back there because Trubisky didn’t seem to have many open targets.
  • It helped that the Smiths were getting some quality pressures and that the Pack had 5 sacks on the night. It seems like a decade since we’ve had a 5 sack game. The scheme was working tonight and it looks like the addition of the Smiths was spot on.
  • In addition to the punting, the special teams was pretty good tonight. If you’re having a hard time remembering how they did, that’s a good thing. In recent years, ST has been responsible for giving up tons of field position.
  • Really nice for the team to get a victory tonight. One other HUGE thing about the game tonight – the guys came out ready to play (especially the defense). We didn’t have that first quarter molasses start when the players just seem to drift around because they aren’t ready – like they often did the last few years. The players were ready tonight and the coaches coached through the whole game (despite some shaky decisions from LaFleur toward the end). In the end, this is a big way to start off the year and I’m happy for the new coaching staff. They made a statement by coming out and winning on the road like this. Now let’s just fix the offense and we could be in for a good year.

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