Bears final play there is why McCarthy has to go – wow – what guts Nagy has


McCarthy would never call a play like this during a part of game that is less critical. To call this kind of play when the game is on the line like this is amazing. We need a guy like Nagy.

McCarthy should be fired tonight. That was an embarrassing loss.

3 Responses to “Bears final play there is why McCarthy has to go – wow – what guts Nagy has”

  1. Frank G Says:

    Well, was fed a bunch of information damning to both AR and MM this week. It seems that both camps were eager to point out the faults of the other, and I am inclined to believe both sides: everyone involved is a “blame the other guy” d-bag. That AR and MM could not put aside their differences to beat a truly awful team at home (!!!), speaks poorly of both of them.

    This thing is unraveling quickly. The only good news is that a high draft position will be secured, and TT will not be given the opportunity to bungle it…

  2. Dave In Tucson Says:

    You got your wish.

    On the one hand, Packers have definitely been on a downward trend at least since losing to the Seahawks.

    On the other one, let me be first on the “please not Josh McDaniels” bandwagon. I remember the Ray Rhodes season and the Mike Sherman years, I know different HC doesn’t mean a better HC, and a better HC can still be pretty disappointing.

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